Romantic Movie Recaps w/ Khabib Nurmagomedov

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Urijah McGregor says:

hey what time is it?

Nathan Panggabean says:

This is better than most movie reviews out there.

Di Hale says:

Love this vid so much!! Khabib is HILARIOUS ^^ Please do more ♡

BrandonHeat92 says:

Khabib has a special kind of heart and he is fucking terrifying.

Aj Juhan says:

I just want a 10 minute version of this.

noorain khan says:

guys please interview him more……… people love to watch unscripted funny things……

Mostafa Mrad says:

#NumberOneBullshit Cocksuckezzz

LLP says:

They removed this video from UFC channel (it was there yesterday). I wonder why.

Taj_ Say4qropasti says:

hahahaaa super super nice nice

hasnain alvi says:


Ibra_Dza says:

It’s crazy how good is this

Death by Username says:

this guy ……..HILARIOUS.

Douchechills says:

Khabib likes his women THICC like Drew Barrymore

Escalathor _ says:

I love how he’s not actually trying to be funny, his personality and this setting is just naturally hilarious.
Kudos to TheChive for thinking of this, it’s brilliant!

Nizam J says:

this movie about dirty harry?,i don’t give a shit above this movie.lmao.

Rosy Rodriguez says:

Khabib is the man….

of my dreams <333

shugo104 says:

Beta Americans like Russia because real men exist there.

Мурик Шмурик says:

This is the best Video on YouTube lmfao..

James Johnson says:

Khabib needs his own youtube channel where he does exactly this.

Said Musaev says:

Better asked what his favorite films are

Abz says:

what song is that?

Tupac Shakur says:

This is numba one bullshit

Razy_Mr. Leftward Sloping Penis says:

this is the best shit ever.

Josh Rubin says:

“Company” LMFAOOO

chin gatu says:

amazing!. what is the song behind this masterpiece?


Best broken English ever…

Freddy Ulmer says:

Tony Ferguson and his coaches are the only ones to dislike this.

TheDuckbluck1 says:

They need to make a romantic comedy about Khabib and Tiramisu.

geoc1 says:

In Russia, John Wick is romantic comedy – Khabib

KungFuBlob says:

“Tiz number wun boolshit…”

– Nikolabib Bellic

hmreiter74 says:

He needs his own reality show

iyaramonk says:

Too much movie make your heart weak – lol

123 456 says:

Romantic… company? LoL
I kinda feel sorry for his wife, I bet it’s not really joyful to have such a cold hearted, I mean strong hearted, husband … xD

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