The Silence of the Lambs as a Romantic Comedy – Trailer Mix

The 1991 classic is such a thrilling crime drama but wouldn’t it be as creepy and (quite frankly) hilarious if Hannibal Lecter fell in love with Detective Starling? No? Well, we think so!

Edited by Jon Tomlinson
Narration: Andy Geller
Executive Producer: Dustin McLean

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Fawzie Kefli says:

I’d buy that for a dollar!

genetenz says:

Good until Hannibal came in. Doesnt work from then on

MrOnionCock says:


Clarice Starling says:

Oh, my God, that’s unbelievable fucking stupid, and how dare you…

Azto says:

Are you hitting on me doctor?

abdalminator says:

40% power of music 40% power of narrator

Donald Trump says:

So Fappable

meinhaus says:


Jenny BoomBoom says:

Nope. Can’t see it. Still too creepy lol

aygdageiq qeoaijwiruh says:

noooooo no no no.

Kai Jun says:

“turning heads is easier than getting a head”


Crook Ed says:

pffffff lol

Esmée Fae says:

This is hilarious i cant

Dick White says:

I think I might have peed a little, this was funny…

sid g says:

wow,simply wow

xeno_ripper says:

Would you fuck me id fuck me id fuck me so hard

Hayden Cooper says:

A decent effort but Lecter is too menacing and there are still moments in that trailer where Clarice is completely uncomfortable being in his presence.

Hilrie kemp says:

Lol this is so wrong

Aparna Rajesh says:

If hannibal was romantic comedy

chaosfive55 says:

Not TOO big a stretch, here…XD

Rose Delilah says:

“He’s biting off more than she can chew” w h e e z e

Molly D. says:

I would watch this movie. Again. In this context.

kilroy987 says:

Wait… it wasn’t a romantic comedy? I like the way the trailer cut to Jodie Foster smiling when Hannibal Lecter was mentioned.


*He said, I can smell your cunt.*

Pothefit Placehold says:

Well considering the way the novels ended this is pretty appropriate

wolf says:


Ingrid Linares says:

Well, those creepy face close-ups don’t help the whole inocent and funny rom-com vibe… But i’m digging it.

The Fabsisters says:

this was unique

Beverly Sutphin says:

To me, this IS a romantic comedy.. And I wonder why I’m single….

Marsha Creary says:

Almost as good as the Stephen Colbert remake

John Paul says:

Hannibal never been this lovely before

Merel says:

It doesn’t really work, the colors and lighting are way too dark and serious. Also the way shots are framed. Good try tho.

JSandusky69 says:

Cute! I want to see this.

Clarice Starling says:

Nup, not convincing.

Kyle Richards says:

Yeah… not really. Still creepy as all hell.

BabySnake says:

He is definitely proof I am not into hot guys, but the villains in general, because every single villain I have seen in every movie ever was more likeable than hero xD Joker, that Pinguin dude, Loki, Erik Phantom of the opera, Kathrine Pierce, Damon Salvatore (not villain in traditional sense but eh), Kisshu, Voldemort, Snape, Lucius, Hannibal, Gaston, even freaking Hans xD kinda understandable knowing I am Slytherin lol

LB2007 says:

You should make a stalker horror psycho thriller trailer of “Sleepless in Seattle”

TheBookieMonster says:

This is genius

-A says:

Hahahahahaha fuckin dying!

Jimmy Paige 2001 says:

I’d watch it.

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