THE TRUTH ABOUT LIES Official Trailer (2017) Odette Annable, Romantic, Comedy Movie HD

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Rainy tp says:

0.11 for oscar

Lindsay Mead says:

This looks hysterical, I can’t wait to watch it on Friday!

Jake Sukienik says:

The story line is super relatable, quirky, and laugh-out-loud hilarious. I liked how the story was an unconventional love story.

Alex Argiles says:

You can tell this film is amazing because it gets you immersed in the plot and you are able to feel the characters’ emotions. In other words, the acting is phenomenal and also the direction to make it happen so smoothly. Totally recommend for a Friday night with the friends!

Due Decimal says:

sure hot girls always want jobless homeless guys

Cole Rogers says:

The Truth about Lies is absolutely brilliant! I loved the actors, cinematography and it’s oddly relevant plot, enjoy!

J P says:

I feel like this is something my grandma would love them force me to watch

da96103 says:

A straight-to-DVD movie.

Charlotte D says:

How was this allowed to be made

Robert Begnoche says:

Rom-coms aren’t my thing, but this film was hilarious! Being able to relate to Gilby, and seeing that he can find humor in all of his hardships is relieving!

McGamer says:

I really hate when trailers spoil the whole damn movie. No reason to see it now.

Spidey School - Fun & Education For Kids says:


Sanjay K.N says:

Movie looks Awful!!!!!!!!

Regina Garay says:

Such a relatable and entertaining movie focusing on the difficulties of relationships!! Highly recommend it!

Halley D says:

Loved, loved, loved this movie!!! I seriously couldn’t stop laughing, and the witty banter was great!

D e a d P o o l says:

So, that’s all ya had, huh ?….Cabin in the Woods and then……………………………………………………………………………….oh, feel free to fill in the blanks.

osbely says:

This is a movie?! It looks like public access tv.

fakegods says:

Wow they spend millions on making this turd.


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khandita lopes says:

Truth About Lies is a fun movie about the harsh reality of love and relationships. Director Phil Allocco has brought to life a wonderfully written storyline with a charismatic cast! My favorite thing about this film was the fact that it’s an unconventional love story.

Elan says:

hasnt this move been made like 1000 times already? I would honestly like to know how movies like this get funded.

Alanna Kouri says:

This movie is so funny and honestly, so relatable. I feel like in rom-coms you’re usually like “this would never happen” but I think everyone thinks their life is a mess at one point or another. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a laugh.

urockit2011 says:

Why are there so many bots in the comments talking about how “relatable” this movie is?

Sarah Hargett says:

This guy was the best thing about Cabin in the Woods. I wish he would do some more actually good movies.

Faiitheless says:

This looks uninteresting in so many levels

Valentina Pepin says:

I loved the risks Phil Allocco took with satire in his film The Truth About Lies. He took the common hipster crowd and showed them in a new hilarious light. This is what real comedy is about. I’d recommend this film to comedy lovers!

Destini Shelton says:

This movie was very well written and I am a huge fan of the absurdities and banter. This is a must see for anyone looking for a good laugh!

Jonathan Alves says:

Short and sweet, the film The Truth About Lies follows two leads who start to form a friendship that could lead to something more.

Andrea T says:

This film is funny, quirky, and heartwarming, being everything I expect from a romantic comedy!

Jeff Walker says:

Cinema, as it evolved into many great gems, is now a toilet, sans cleaner, sans, running water. Just excrement.
At least as far as this mess is concerned.

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