TIME FREAK Official Trailer (2018) Asa Butterfield, Sophie Turner Romantic Movie HD

TIME FREAK Official Trailer (2018) Asa Butterfield, Sophie Turner Romantic Movie HD
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Arundhati Sen says:

Hey, it’s the second little Shawn 🙂

Ms FUNNY says:

A time machine to repair your relationship…
God I need one.

X Tina says:

Lol Sophie Turner look more like Asa’s older sister than his girlfriend

Lt. Fireguy says:

Still waiting on enders game 2..

Jacob Parker says:

That kids Annoying af

Silent Refusal says:

I am still unable to understand this guy is not the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man and that girly girl type Tom Hollander got the part??

The Bear Dog says:

Life is strange is better

Mr. Faunta timspa says:

I have seen that story many times

ajt222 says:

What are the odds eh ? Two English kids fall in love at an American school , amazing .

Apogee02UK says:

So these two basically time stalk these girls? That’s really creepy.

Tatakaye says:

Not a good trailer. Looks like TV show

Maggy Frog says:

they’re close in age, but asa reminds me too much of bran stark, and i can’t unsee it.

also, the movie is called time freak, about a time traveller. and what does bran stark the three-eyed-raven do?

film79 says:

It looks like they have zero chemistry plus she is just out of his league.

Tracy Low says:

LOL Netflix has a similar movie that came out earlier in the year called When We First Met


I remember when he was almost spiderman

Alfian Prabowo says:

Is that sansa stark ?

Francisco Javier Aguirre says:


eyeof gold says:

So this movie is About Time (2013) meets The Do Over (2016) but with high school/college kids and the generic soundtrack?

felix yavala says:

The 2 main cast members Asa and Sophie are British playing Americans ? Why not just cast Americans or just let them be British ? Like there’s 7281826261618 teen actors

Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo says:

Comedia adolescente

Matt Poslusny says:

Millennial Groundhog Day.

Review Helps says:

About Time ????

Sy A says:

Wow Sophie Turner is only 22. I thought she was like in her early 30s or late 20s!

Nabeel Nooramith says:

What’s the name of the SONG?!?!?

julia vapor says:

great i just watched the whole movie


Didnt Netflix already make something like this

Sushanth Ramesh says:

In for Skylar❤

Katherine Black says:

ok now i want that TIME MACHINE merchandise whenever i have a fight with someone to fix the mistake or ones i reject with

Steve Robbins says:

Soooooooooo uninteresting.

Legion says:

Plan is simple!
*F*ck Sophie Turner!!*

TheIosif says:

She is looks uncomfortably older then him.

Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo says:

Comedia adolescente

Christopher Morgan says:

This looks terrible

Rakesh Nair says:

wats d song in background ?

Meghan Kelly says:

Plot twist both the guys fall in love

Brian Mulholland says:

I just watched the whole movie

deadpoetsic says:

Bad casting, like Sophie turner would go down on that dork.

Seth Owens says:

Love the cast hope it’s good

JackDagnaIs says:

Every time travel movie ever leaves out winning the Powerball, literally first thing I’d do.

Ashley S says:

Sophie Turner.

getnot says:

shawn spencer what are you doing?

Ali Plays says:

so you invent a time machine and instead of fixing every issue known to man and stop every disaster, you go around and around to date the same girl right? (I know the plot is like this, but this is not the perfect world) … just saying….

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