Top 10 Best Netflix Romance Movies

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It has never been easier to stream great romance movies! For this list, we’re looking at the best romantic comedies and dramas that were created for Netflix. We’ve included movies like The Incredible Jessica James, Happy Anniversary, A Christmas Prince, The Kissing Booth, Our Souls at Night, Set it Up, To All the Boys I’ve Loved and more! Do you have any recommendations? Let us know in the comments!

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Chilea Kashé says:

Okay so the toxic pieces of trash called Kissing Booth and Sierra Burgess are on this list but Candy Jar isn’t mentioned? Can someone explain this to me please?

eyoel gashaw says:

when we first met should have been on the list

x-evan- hansen-x says:

Alex Strangelove?……

im a girl says:

To All to boys I’ve loved before i life! ❤

Joey_ lws says:

AGHHH WTH where’s Love, Simon? It’s literally the best movie and book EVER!

Charmaine Tawazadza says:

you left crazy rich asians lol

The Lollipop Girl #10 says:

I’m the only one who tap this videos to see if “To All the Boys I’ve Loved before” is in number 1????

Ena Veleska says:

“To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” and “Set It Up” are THE BEST!

Kerri Drainville says:

The notebook was amazing

chan lyda says:

Ellen Evan ❤️ Noah Flynn

Daneya Brito says:

i love the Christmas prince and the sequel comes out tomorrow

Elizabeth Nieto says:

my favorite is the kissing booth

Ken Tetas says:

Just saying but Noah Centineo was one of the main characters on both top movies : “to all the boys i’ve loved before” and “sierra burgess is a loser” 🙂 as peter and as jamie , respectively .

Tinymouse BillyBob says:

My list
10. Tramps
9. Ali’s wedding
8. Happy anniversary
7. Set it up
6. A Christmas inheritance
5. Sierra Burgess is a loser
4. A Christmas prince
3. The kissing booth
2. A Christmas prince the Royal wedding
1. To all the boys I’ve loved before

Mandy Marsh says:

to all the boys I’ve loved before is then the best film

AnimeLovers says:

We must add the princess switch

- Har9low - says:

What!you mean nobody wants to watch an attitudinal black lady bitching about everything?Thats weird.

e m m i e ! says:

i have watched this kissing booth 19283838 times i know the words to it i could BE a part of that show

Uswatun Hasanah says:

tramps is the best

Chantal Noel says:

Wait- I didn’t find The Christmas Prince bad 🙁 To me, it’s literally my favourite movie EVER!

pika plop says:

what about teen wolf?? why not teen wolf

Jete Umbraško says:

How can the kissing booth be on this list ?

Erin _412_ says:


Rebekah Hughes says:

Ugh. I hated the Kissing Booth. It had such a bad message. It’s like “being violent and controlling is hot! Also, he’ll stop being violent and controlling with the help of a gurl he luvvs!” Nope. Just nope. The video was also using every possible opportunity to remove the lead girl’s shirt. (Also, how the heck did he get into Harvard?? He showed absolutely no sign that he was a good student!! I feel like movies don’t really understand how hard it is to get into to colleges like that. And especially having all those fights on record there is NO way he’d get in.)

Franchezka Balalio says:

I totally agree to number 1

Crowdfund77 says:

No. 1 was overrated to be honest.

Signija Švāgere says:

All the boys i loved before and The kissing booth are the best romantic movies i have ever watched!

Oi says:

Alex Strangelove is a great one

Little Lovatic says:

Princess Switch??

Lycoris says:

a Chinese 5cm per second with a happy ending? Yes please

Evans Ganyo says:

Still don’t know why I’m not feeling the movie “to all the boys I’ve loved” weird , I’m trying to like the movie by watching it several times

hope Katrina says:

Kissing booth is #1

Whoopdewhoo says:

Am I the only one who liked Nappily Ever After? I’ve heard the natural-hair-leads-to-downgrading-your-man criticism but I don’t care. I really enjoyed it but it’s always getting no recognition.

quinquennial item says:

Can anyone suggest some good movies?

Zandra Steele says:

I’m so glad The Incredible Jessica James is on here. I adore it, and I feel like barely anyone knows about it…

Gamer Joelle says:

To All The boys I loved Before and The Kissing Booth are definitely the best!

Faizal Patel says:

Also “before we go” was…a good movie

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