Top 10 Best Teen Romance Movies

Top 10 Best Teen Romance Movies

Here is our list the of the Best Teen Romance movie from

10. A Walk To Remember
9. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
8. Pitch Perfect
7. 10 Thing I Hate About You
6. A Cinderella Story
5. Mean Girls
4. The Notebook
3. Dirty Dancing
2. Grease
1. Clueless

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Darzehaf Chaima says:

1clueless/2 walk to remember/3mean girls/ 4 10 things ihate about you

ailin colon says:

U literally put pitch perfect BEFORE ‘ A WALK TO REMEMBER’? WTH

babu dxb says:

“And thats how regina george died…”
Nope she is right there, r8?? ALLIE??

BuCa says:

A walk to remember and the fault in our stars

Gang Squad #1 says:

For keeps and Mannequin are the best movies ever!!!

Irfan Ullah Yousafzai says:

The fault in our star??

A.k snap says:

can u guys suggest me ny latest teen movies

Chenoa Mosley says:


Goutham Saravanan says:

the higher the number the better it is …..10 is beautiful except that its wet towards the end and 9 is one of the best films ever too

Jojo_Jakmo says:

What is the name of the one in 0:21

Andrea Juarez says:

A walk to remember made me cry

Petar F1R2 says:


I, Mrs.potato,want 300 subs says:

0:13 what movie

PinkestGuy says:

For some weird reason I love the outro music lol

Shneya Gt says:


Everlasting says:

“Genuine and Effective” – Scream Magazine. “Pleasingly Subversive” – Dread Central. “A Triumph on All Levels.” – Film Threat. Here’s EVERLASTING on Amazon Prime…

Chenoa Mosley says:

I love 4

David Knapp says:

Hello, want to see the entire film for this video. Then search in Google as: “CineHub4U” to discover the whole film.

alex1731 alex1731 says:

A walk to remember is the best movie !! Hands down .

Allesandra Samodio says:


Anime Kitten says:

How about flipped?that was a great movie too

PinkestGuy says:

Oh and they’re definitely all the best movies !!

Panda_ Eyzen says:

Walk to remember was so cliché and the foreshadowing was seriously transparent it,bored me just being honest, so butcher me now chick flick lovers

Caitlyn B says:

I feel like it should be top 11 best teen romance movies because #1 should be Twilight

Tapaja Mandal says:

A walk to remember is an outstanding movie!

Amy Looney says:


Romm Abalos says:

The Problem here is The guy id old he doesn’t knoe which movie is sutable for Teens he’s showing Old Movies that he liked back then

movies For You says:

Flipped ❤❤❤❤❤

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