Top 10 Romantic Horror Movies – Count Jackula

Count Jackula takes you on a stalk through Lover’s Lane with his Top 10 Romantic Horror Movies.


FitzyCify says:

You know The Crow is a great example of Romantic Horror when your significant other has neither seen the movie nor read the graphic novel, yet manages to recreate one of the intimate moments from the flashbacks. <3

Vortex Interrogation says:

I wish my love life could be lucky. Whenever I try to tell her I love her, she always betrays me. But I can’t stop thinking about her! Jack, any advice?

Synchronized Elbow says:

Thanks for the awesome recommendations, Jackula! Normally me and the wife cling together on the couch and watch Takeshi Miike’s AUDITION, while she leers at me during the last forty minutes. Three year romance tradition. 😛

LeviathanSpeaks1469 says:

A Count Jackula, Horror Guru and Cinema Snob tag-team review of Tusk would be hilarious…

Shawn Young says:

what is that from at the start of the show?? the nurse walking on all 4 sword blade style limbs????

ItsZombieAlex says:

Yo at 0:03 that robot hooker thing what movie is that from plz tell me

Jeff Maziarz says:

8. Shivers

I’ll have to look for this. The young woman’s talk of everything being erotic reminds me of a story in one of Clive Barker’s Books of Blood.

7. Return of the Living Dead III

How is “Julie” significant? Have I missed something in your blogs, or a troupe?

3. Candyman

Thank you! I loved this movie!

Interestingly, everyone I watched it with (I saw it several times when it came first came to video) either loved it or hated it. The people who loved it had read something from Clive Barker, though not the story it was based on. The people who hated it hadn’t read anything by him. Watching this movie made me feel like I was watching something done by Clive Barker, and that made it awesome.

2. The Crow

“Oh. Oh, some of you are like under 30, aren’t you?”

As someone 48, I often feel old compared to reviewers. Thank you for this. I feel like it’s OK now.

I hope you got to see it in the theater when it first came out.

1. …

I’m glad I committed. Also, that I caught up on some of my movie queue last week.

Ceasonal says:

Surprised Spring didn’t make the list

Dylan Simmons says:

loved that Behind the Mask and The Crow were on the list.

Jack Sullivan says:

Does the phantom of the opera count as a romantic horror movie

The goatman92 says:

Can anyone explain the significance of Julie in Return of the Living Dead 3?

musstakrakish says:

Number one such a good fucking movie!!!

DarkKnightFanBoy says:

Damn that music from candyman ALWAYS gets me!

AnimeFanDemon says:

My Bloody Valentine and The Crow are my favorites. Speaking of which, you should do an Old Vs. New crossover with Nostalgia Critic on My Bloody Valentine. 🙂

candy sweetheart says:

thank you so much, this helped a lot, my soon to be husband is a romantic and i love horror movies

Inklesprinkle 23 says:

im scared loooll

d moore says:

as much as i love the crow, i have to ask,is it really considered a horror film? ive never viewed as that, dont get me wrong its awesome but i never saw any real elements of horror in it

Robbie Edmonds says:

whuddabowt Deadgirl?

Frason Vorhueger says:

I think the mummy deserves a spot on this list.

Homme Gee says:

i meen 0:02

Caleb Belyeu says:

I love The Crow and I’m 22.

Will Lyon says:

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is one of my guilty pleasure movies

Jane Hearon says:

It warms my heart to know that true romance isn’t dead…It’s un-dead.

Ryan Babb says:

For being a fairly small channel, your production quality is amazing. Keep it up.

Nick Jackson says:

Which movie is the one with the woman who has no skin?

Ded Guy says:

Off topic of the video, but you seem like the type of person who would like the band ‘nurse with wound’.

Ellyn Foster says:

Night of the Living Deb is a really silly romantic horror movie too if you want too!

Raz The Giant says:

I’m under thirty and when you said the crow, i said this isn’t number 1?

Isobel Duncan says:

I suggested Let Us Prey to a friend who wanted to watch a romance with her boyfriend…. she looked at me like I’d lost my mind

jason gale says:

The greatest romantic horror movie of all time = Hellraiser

Homme Gee says:

the clip a 0:03 whats it from?

apizzathatgiant forthesimplehuddledmasses says:

*gasp* No Lucky McKee’s “May”?! Count Jackula, how could you?! 😛

Joseph Hall says:

I really loved Let Us Prey. It has the best parts of John Carpenter’s early work.

Ezelion the Ironclad says:

Okay Jack how old are you because I refuse to believe you’re older than 29-30.

Jim Samples says:

What about the romance between Johnny Bartlett and Patricia Ann Bradley from “The Frighteners”?  Their romance is “Ghost” with a dash of “Natural Born Killers”

NoGoodNamesLeft says:

What the hell is that sword limb person at the beginning?

Ikrani says:

I was kind of expecting Warm Bodies to be on here. Not the most hardcore of horror films, but romantic.

Skinny Zach Films says:

I miss the Count Jackula show.

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