Top 10 Romantic Movies with Sad Endings

Top 10 Romantic Movies with Sad Endings

Not all romantic movies have conventional endings. For these romantic movies, such as La La Land, Blue is the Warmest Colour, Moulin Rouge, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Blue Valentine, Casablanca, and Romeo + Juliet, Titanic, they left us completely heartbroken.

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WallFlower says:

Seven pounds should be NO. 1. He killed himself so he can give her his heart and safe some other people.


walk to remember is to be 1:(

Caroline Chandler says:

I don’t think La La Land is a sad ending. Both characters get exactly what they want and they weren’t right together.



Laughing Sküll says:


I know it’s not a movie

Ren Alexis says:

Mou-LEEA Rouge?

For the love of Satine.

Kristy Serrano says:


Bill Vendiola says:

If Only?

the gate keeper says:

Romeo and Juliet is one of the best movies until the end why don’t they make a version with a good ending I mean Juliet didn’t even hear romeo talk for like 3 minutes

Paige Hipes says:

When Rose says I’ll never let go Jack but in the end she legs him go

Alejandra Koshinaka says:

Titanic <3

abigail Williams says:

To this day I still cry watching a walk to remember

jude elma says:

I wish I kew how to quit you!

~Brokeback mountain~

Clara Croton says:

Wtf is Casablanca The Fault in Our Stars should be second

Zachary Smith says:

but number 1. Marius Pontmacy and Cossett. Les Miserables

Non Stop says:

What about Forrest and Jenny?? 🙁

AngelFace198787 says:

I can’t believe Roman Holiday didn’t make it.

Hitesh Pardhi says:

avengers infinity war

Tsungremchang Aier says:

Note book…. i cried….

jade castro says:

Call me by your name should be here

LilyBilly • says:

What about “Me before you”? That’s one made me want immediate death

Bre Shaw says:

I must be a robot because I never understood why everyone thought the notebook was so sad. However idlewild should be on this list. The fact Andre 3000 never truly gets his love is devastating.

Natalie Wemyss says:

Hold up where’s ‘me before you?’

Jada C says:

Am I the only one who wasn’t sad about Noah and Allie dying? They died together, and Allie realized who he was before she did die. That’s probably the best ending I could hope for two people who grow old together. Now they don’t have to live without the other

Marina Melinda-Rivera Heacock says:

Atonement better be on here

Grace Smart says:

Where is Me Before You ?!!? I cried for an hour after watching that

Zachary Smith says:

It has to be the Twalight Saga. hands down.

Nicole s says:

The Best Of Me should have definitely been on here

Caitlyn Heilenman says:

the soundtrack in titanic also really hit the heart hard along with the scenes that’s why i can’t watch it without crying like a baby

onceuponanedit says:


bia the wierdo says:

Top ten lists where titanic is #1

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