Top 5 Best Romance Movies Of all time + Trailers

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Top 10 best comedy movies ever :

Top 5 Best Movies Ever :

5 best 2018 movies :

Dear john
Remember me
The Vow
The only living boy in new york
The notebook.


rockalex roll says:

I don’t like Channing Tatum but I like him for Dear John and The Vow

Jasmine Perez says:

Where is Twilight?

Meredith Rose says:

Dear Jhon…

Oh Madjda says:

Where’s me before you? Twilight love ( tres metros sobre el cielo)? TFIOS? 500days of summer? Brooklyn? Love,Rosie? Before sunrise?…. Oh and Titanic !!!!

Shivam Shekhar says:

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind…. no excuse

arman hossain says:

Only living boy in New york -From the trailer it looks lika a piece of shit.Motherfucker why you put this in best romantic movies lit.

Scarlet Saldana says:

Remember Me had me fucked up with the ending

William Cureatz says:

Notebook baby

Dude Idk says:

HOW is “Dirty Dancing” not in this?!

Blen Proud ETHIOPIAN says:

Canning Tatum
Best ever….

Isaiah rei Tukuvaka says:

see the write young john Solomon I got it ok..I go wars in boss bond FBI soldiers planes pakanistan well I do my job seals best triples got too do fars years I go drop Brisbane city sea my androids workers women I ok..well wife my room Sarah spoon name second name ok..john young your friend ones lots he saves before but got things do ok..married at home I see lots told about lots things I see Sarah machealian sisters cousin sir your in poor street I see your ideals see things lots no cry about things richs all days nights on poor rich saves money makes poors homes miss Sarah yes ok …next killers sign lords go on shoots see all child started your romieo boy boss FBI Solomon if no lords teams will cry ok..and cry for freedoms again so goods fix littles easy lots crimes easy lots ok..loves ok..goods now..

Geoffrey King says:

The English Patient
Gone with the Wind
Pretty Woman
Groundhog Day
Brief Encounter

Aash Day says:

Dear *John* spelled wrong

Garuda Wisnu Kencana says:

Orange is The New Black .

Lindsay Gonzales says:

Safe Haven, The Best of Me, The Last Song, Love and Honor, Endless Love, A Walk to Remember

annette huertaa says:

ok so ima need the song from the first trailer, thanks

Henrique Correia says:

Como e nome do segundo filme

Polly Pockets says:


Arlene May Narciso says:

Ya’ll havent watch A walk to remember?

Ghost says:

My name is JEFF

Luke M says:

Titanic isn’t on your list but Amanda Seyfried and that retard from Twilight is??

Piata Hohaia says:

sorry but I will not accept not having call me by your name in here

Becky Sam says:

My top 5 romance movies: pride and prejudice, you got mail, sleepless in Seattle, catch and release, someone like you.

OneTake Blake says:

The notebook kills me every time

Gloria Kirabo says:

1.Dear John is damn emotional!i haven’t cried that hard watching a movie like i did when watching Dear John.
2.A walk to remember!

Royal PoP says:

(The number one) the saddest thing that could’ve happened in that movie is if John died

Htx Maria says:


Just Me says:

These movies makes me sad because I’m being single

Shirley Savage says:

My five:
1. Me before you.
2. Notebook
3. Beautiful Mind
4. Weathering heights
5. Titanic

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