Top 8 2018 Romantic Movies You Must Watch !

Top 8 2016 Romantic Movies You Must Watch!

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Coffeeandcreamer Yeah says:

Midnight Sun reminds me of Brad Pitt old movie, back when he’s only 20 something, called Dark Side of The Sun. Have anyone else ever watched it?

Relax Kamu says:

which do you recommend most? I always burning my time looking for movie to watch,ending tired and no time to watch also. Always like that 🙁

Shaw 10 says:

Any when who said they cry badly with midnight sun , try A walk to remember
It’s way sadder

Ananya Dubey says:

Please advise me some happy ending love story .
I am very emotional its very difficult to disest movies like Midnight SUN really amazing movies but this movies made my 2 Days off with Collage and other stuff after 2 day i got normal

sally tuysuz says:

midnight sun is just amazing. I just couldn’t stop crying so good it was but also sad.

Aileen Prestan says:

All Summers End, terrible movie.

arpith raju says:

Midnight sun and all summers end is the best . I literally cried

sara de mundo says:

Call me by your name!!

sandra shyamalan says:

I can’t explain how much midnight sun means to me I can watch and cry all over again get me part 2 !!!!

Mery Into The Woods says:

Every day seems an amazing movie


To all the boys I loved before !!

Isdihaj l'amateur says:

Can someone give me good movies please

idare ucant says:

0:13 movie?

adam mikexo says:

Every Day is Korean Movie Remake? I think i watched the Korean one years ago

Hazrat Bilal says:

Every day (your name anime ) so sad

nurs Aero says:

Midnight Sun huhu

Flamur Syla says:

So that chick in everyday literally bangs eventually her whole city?

Vickie Singh says:

Midnight sun is my favorite

i lovecookieZ says:

Esti roman?

Yvonne Tang says:

1:11 Grant Gustin with a mustache 😀

Larisa Oprea says:

To all the boys i ve loved before !!!!!!! best one

Otty DOA says:

To all the boys I’ve loved before and forever my girl I highly recommend you to watch them

iSwitcher says:

Midnight Sun is a manga lol

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