VENOM Is Actually A Romantic Comedy – Review

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Guije Sanchez says:

Is that fucken She Venom at 3:51?

endercraftman says:

I called it

Ashvin jagadeesan says:

The new H3H3 video review looks pretty good

Hemmas Studios says:

This is the new best video on YouTube

Jorge Conte says:

Were you kidding when you said they made out? Please be kidding, I can totally see that happening X(

Spencer Ricker says:

It had so much freaking potential, but it looks like they toned it down sooo much

Lion of Judah says:

“The less you understand, the better?”
-iamthatroby 2018

Spencer Ricker says:

The daredevil analogy was quite good

Dolan Wargin says:

It was such a weird movie, one of the most strange films I’ve seen in a long time

John Garrison says:

RIP headphone users. 🙁

Rengle says:

No joke, I honestly thought Vernon was more entertaining than A Star Is Born. I feel like a piece of normie trash saying that, but I just had such a good time watching Vernon. The filmmaking is garbage, the acting is laughable, but this movie just has a certain charm to it that I can’t quite put my finger on. It just works for me. On the other hand, I can list off all the great things I liked about A Star Is Born, but at the end of the day I just thought that film was pretty mediocre. Against all odds, both these films defied my expectations in completely different ways.

Laín Díaz Muñoz says:

I’ve watched this video 3 times already.
We love you.

Cocain Batman says:

This is gold….

Zombeastsqurl says:

I genuinely enjoyed the hell out of this movie. It felt like an amalgamation of Incredble Hulk and Antman. Like the humor of Antman and the throw away evil billionaire villain, mingled with the guy who becomes a rage monster every other ten minutes only to fight another rage monster at the end.

McKenan Bundy says:

I’m seeing this shit

spacecowboy says:


Elijah A says:


I feel like alot of movies people hate on are just fun to watch and enjoy without taking it too seriously that’s probably why I enjoy alot of hated movies

DRA485 says:

classic “ending/post credit”

AlDexter says:

Honestly, Eddie and Venom’s relationship is the best part of this movie. It’s so hilarious and really fun to watch. But as for the rest of the movie, well….

Gensin Rage says:

This movie may be flawed but I still love it

Denver 96 says:

Were u aware that the theatrical cut was 30-40 minutes shorter than the Director’s Version ??

Luke Waxman - Official Vertebrae says:

“I was a loser too.” – Venom

Guy Bloom says:

I’m gonna put some dirt in your eye

Lion of Judah says:

At one point venom and Eddie actually make out
*cue music*

Aadarsh M says:

This guy reminds me of Jonah Hill

SupaCoopa 999 says:

Robby’s savior is Avi Arad and Browntable’s savior is Zack Snyder. Huh…

MCSnoah says:

Rise Up

Noodles says:

I loved it, went to the premiere and loved it! I’m so happy I stayed for the post credit scene, i’m hyped for Venom 2!

Jon Stewart says:

This movie looks terrible. I am waiting for Redbox to see it. This is made feed Sony Greed. Carnage is not even the villain of the film. No R rating. This movie sucks.

Freddy Toloni says:

I love your videos. I love you


I rly rly hope MCU buys the sequel and ties it in with Spiderman

Jordan Heblinger says:

It’s “the room” of super hero movies

ImJackM says:

Can’t wait to this at the weekend, want my boys Eddie and venom to break into song like La la land

Jav0712 Gaming says:

Venom-hold my beer

Not Zeb says:

I actually really liked Venom because I expected a B movie with a big budget and that’s exactly what we got

Alvin Anis says:

*Venom lives in a society…*

TH3GH05T says:

I hope Avi Arad falls off a fucking cliff. He singlehandedly ruined Spider-Man and fucked over the Director and Tom Hardy in this movie. It SHOULDVE been Rated-R and all those scenes that were cut should’ve been in the film to begin with

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