Weekend Update: Romantic Comedy Expert – Saturday Night Live

Appearing on Weekend Update to discuss TV’s newest romantic comedies, Daisy Rose (Vanessa Bayer) finds herself having a meet-cute with Michael Che.

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BizWiz says:


skaworld509 says:


shannon piper says:

this was hard to watch and that shows how well done this sketch is bc that was 100% on purpose

Anomaly Sunday says:

This got me cringe so hard, but in a good way.

Talha Ahmed says:

I really like the music at the background. Can somebody help me with the song in this video

ruzzell907 says:

Alexis Bledel.

Gary twilight says:

vanessa is so fuckin adorable

Tracy Runnels says:

All canceled.

David Maxfield says:

Sorry she’s no longer on the show.

MrKneller says:

I miss Vanessa.

Manju NM says:

All the rom coms i ve seen just flashed infront of me… grt performance Vanessa.

Spencer Ericksen says:

“It’s New York City, and it’s 6 days before Halloween!” Oh man that’s just too funny.

matsujonen says:

Wait so this doesn’t happen to everyone else?

Ronald Scott says:

When you’ve been doing nothing but hooking up since you moved to New York three years ago and just wanna find something… something….REAL!

Dan V. says:

Holy Cow! Never thought I could feel uncomfortable in front of a comedy skit. One of SNL’s better moments. Che did great support. Vanessa, I once had a girlfriend like you! Wish I had followed through.

Erik Rife says:


The Million Man Movement says:

Fucking hilarious

jakesnake66 says:

If I’ve ever seen more commitment to a role I can’t recall it.

GoldenJoplin says:

God, I miss Vanessa Bayer

E-J Thompson says:

Omg when the acoustic guitar starts

dmitriy40 says:

This was 3 years before #METOO bul crap circus!
Hahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

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