WELCOME HOME Official Trailer (2019) New Movie Trailers HD

Plot synopsis;
“Desperate to reignite the spark in their once passionate relationship, Bryan (Aaron Paul) and Cassie (Emily Ratajkowski) rent a secluded villa in the Italian countryside.
However, their romantic weekend is immediately threatened when Cassie befriends a handsome local stranger, Federico, filling Bryan with jealousy. As Federico gets closer to Cassie, he begins to take advantage of the young couple’s growing mistrust, turning them against each other.
Soon Bryan and Cassie find themselves caught in a deadly and voyeuristic game of cat and mouse, discovering that the person you love the most may be the person you can trust the least.”

WELCOME HOME Official Trailer (2019) New Movie Trailers HD
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Damien Predator says:

Emily Ratajkowski is super hot but damn she’s really not ready for comedy. In this production she’s just a pretext for naked scenes…

satnav1980 says:

Do you see how easy it for woman? Strut around half naked in someone else’s videos and all of a sudden they are put on a platform and end up being adored for fuck just cos they pranced around half naked. Woman are such shores these days and shamelessness is actually admires. Sad

Viqr vin says:

When the name Federico has sounded more times than you wanted to hear it and when a well known model is starring just to make sure that people will see this movie . Smells like a bad movie

hsuitor1234 says:

looks good

Balin40k says:

Frederiko dies at the end

Vinn Balor says:

This is what happened to Jesse after he drove off

Sam Nelson says:

Long story short he hired the guy to watch his cheating wife and it got out of hand the end.

Jonathan Pasagui says:

1:17 for all you pervs out there

Sycopath says:

I feel like Aaron Paul always plays the same guy in all his movies. He really needs to diversify his choice of roles.

Elektra Nachos says:

Is Emily naked in every single acting role she has?

Elveniz Nice says:

Oh, that’s the whole movie we got. Okay thanks

Niriksh Bharti says:

The comments in here are way better than the trailer itself.

Esav says:

why couldn’t i marry her

maklat901 says:

Suspense thriller

Ocelot4R says:

There are two of you and just one of him, what’s the threat?

Joseph Washington says:

This doesn’t look like a good film

patateskızartması says:

What was he cutting?

Richard Ople says:

I feel like I watched the entire movie in 2 minutes

roddi733 says:

I do like my films predictable and derivative so this one is right up my street

Argy says:


Perfectgossip 23 says:

If not cheating her hubby i will love this movie

Jota says:

Is she the girl from gone girl? The lover?

Silvia Vigna says:

Riccardo ❤️

Edmond Guerra says:

I came here because of the thumbnail

Prometheus says:

Where’s John wick when you need him

gundam116 says:

John wick killed him

g henry says:

Looks stupid. And like a bad movie.

ryennjay abag says:

its a tough and nice movies gonna love to watch it hmm

Harminder Singh Dhillon says:

Klingt interessant

Json Clarke says:

Just another shite film where she can get her kit off again …Dumb Ass !!!

TheChosen2030 says:

Slut already screwed some other guy

Maneki Neko says:

When they show the whole film in the trailer, you know it’s gonna be shit

Digamber Nagpure says:


9 Media says:

Here is the official trailer for Welcome Home. Starring Aaron Paul – (Breaking Bad) & Emily Ratajkowski.

Pale Rider says:

This movie is a bitch, bitch.

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