What Men Want – Movie Review

A follow up, or reboot, or remake, or spin off of the 2000 Mel Gibson movie, What Men Want now has a woman who can read men’s minds. Here’s my review of WHAT MEN WANT!


Eric Lecarde says:

What men want?
I want… Fortnite, and Mark-ass Brownlee

Joseph Campbell says:

This movie was actually pretty funny, I was surprised that I found it so funny

Corey Messick says:

And what I want is for Zach Braff to overdose on cocaine and quit lip flapping already.

Phuck Hugh says:

Pompadour not a good look for ya Jeremy.

AR Studios says:

What Men Want is a new Crash Bandicoot game.

Chrisfragger1 says:

Yep. Just what we need… A feature length movie lecturing men… Don’t get that enough on tv shows, commercials (Gillette), almost all Media in general..

It’s little wonder why leading causes of death in men is suicide.

Alfredo Corona says:

The movie is awful as fuck. It should’ve be named What Millennials Want; it has the gay couple, the black community, and an empowered feminist. The only thing this piece of shit movie doesn’t have is a good script.

Phuck Hugh says:

Dave Chappelle said they could not make what men want because it would be too dirty.

orlandobabe says:

where’s the video review of second act?

Venomborn says:

1:11 I laughed so fucking hard.

Derek Lopez says:

yes a women writing about what men are thinking lmao.


“What woman want” sucked and “what men want sucked”. This is a great premise. How did they manage to fuck them both up?

Darrell Gilpin says:

What Men want…is pretty obvious. Which is why this premise DOES NOT work. Women say and do two different things, which is why people get it. Doesn’t work the other way around, because Men are NOT that complicated….

warystatue33 says:

What women what’s poster looks fun this one looks passive aggressive holding balls really? Ok

Ghost 2371 says:

(((Adam Shankman))) was the director, of course it was a movie full of feminist tendencies, alongside other subversive shit and racist remarks against white people. Oh well, I’ve watched it all of it’s 157 painstakingly minutes.

NeverMindGaming says:

The movie already got bad reviews

stoplyinn says:

Taraji is no Mel Gibson

robdb28 says:

The “wheat voodoo lady” is Erykah Badu just for future reference Jeremy, just saying. Love you bro.

xldjvista says:

You are an idiot. This movie was funny as Hell.

Hey says:

View the differences in the movie covers. Original looks light hearted and enjoyable, this one irradiates feminism and “woman power” and showing men who’s boss.

Mark Kilkelly says:

What men want… sure as hell isn’t this.

Topaz Blahblah says:

*BANG SOME CHICKS!! Dude, I re-watched that part 3 times.* 😀

Slippery Squeef says:

The part where she hits the dude in the groin with the pool queue made me pissed. He can think whatever he wants in is head, as long as he doesn’t say it out loud.

Reynir Rúnarsson says:

More accurate title “What feminists think men want”.

Andrew Himeji says:

0:26 suddenly turns into Bill Cosby.

mentlinc says:

Yall must’ve not seen this movie yourselves. I took my girl thinking it would be trash, but I was surprised how creative it was. It was WAY better than Mel Gibsons trash.

WishaGoodFluffyHoneyLoveGod AndMeUnconditionally says:

They need a “Bettet Off Dead” gender swap flick. Like “Better Off YOLO”.

Adrian Sundberg says:

Nice Nicholas Cage impression

Lenny Wright says:

Just saw this movie, don’t always agree with Jeremy but I agree with him 100% on this!
BWT “What Women Want” wasn’t that good either from what I remember.

Shaun Whitehead says:

Have a look at the producers/writers of what woman want its a mix of men and women of black and white, then have a look at what men want, I had a look and it’s clear to me it’s gonna be a one sided view just taking the piss out of men (white men mainly) so not interested at all

Undisclosed Identity says:

I bet everything men thought was depicted as bad and toxic

Kyroking says:

Saw the first one wasn’t that good so why would I have thought the next one would be

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