WHERE HANDS TOUCH Trailer #1 NEW (2018) Holocaust War Romance Movie HD

WHERE HANDS TOUCH Trailer #1 NEW (2018) Holocaust War Romance Movie HD

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solitudeNdespair says:

How was it even possible to fell in love with a black girl at the heart of Third Reich ?

Roiqcan says:

Hail my furer

Sherlock Xuan says:

Now black..
Red head…
Good god !!!

Jose Daniel Cruz says:

Battlefield V logic


Insert hitler remove sunglass meme

Minh Duc Ta says:

There were black people among the German troops. And there were no racist comments on them.

James Wright says:

Well, this doesn’t seem that historically accurate.
First of all, she would have been rounded up and put into a concentration camp because of her skin colour. Her family would have also been traced and sent with her.
Secondly, her lover would have been shipped off to the East almost immediately after the war began, as the SS death squads followed in the army’s wake, purging cities and towns of any Jews or other “undesirables”.

Jesus Erneto Linares says:

Que mamon

flip1sba says:

On the other hand, there are other races and ethnicities that fought for the Wermarcht including those from Africa.


Beppu Gonzaemon says:

Jesus God!!! Stop with the nazi movies!!! We’ve had enough

isaac clarke says:

Where are the real germans in this movie?

derkommandent Nova says:

Anna Frank deserves a movie!

simon garces says:

Se quedaron son temas para hacer película xd y el holocuento racial es si vieja confiable

B. says:

This guy claims he wants to “fight” for his fatherland.. yet while in the SS apperently doesn’t enlist for the SS verfügungstruppen/waffen SS.. but chooses to go for the unit responsible for the supervision of the camps the SS Tottenkopfverbände..

Social-Nationalist says:

Der Ewige Jude.

Abraham Tello says:

The Jews have successfully managed to hijack ww2 and make it about themselves.

Hunter Vex says:

Its as fake as my mom stil being a virgin

Ro Betol says:

wtf!!! holocaust is a lie .. it’s bullshit only

Craving past says:

Hey just wanted to say


and guess what? I’m not sorry … and yes you don’t have to be white to appreciate National Socialists !! You all are exposed stop exposing lies you sick demonic loons ..

nick kopschaninow says:

nother film about germany in ww2 directed by a jew

Oskar Dirlewanger says:

Muh Holocaust

Teranido turok says:

Zionist movie

haver11 says:


Padraig Murphy says:

Typical British liberal rubbish.
Of all the subjects let’s make a film about a black in Germany during the 1930’s & 40’s
It’s that same attitude that has now filled their country with blacks and Asians

john smith says:

Libtards will somehow blame Trump for this.

Takticus says:

From historic side German Nation Socialist in 1933-1945 wasn’t so racist as this thriller. Lots of African people who swear to fight together with German soldiers were more than welcome in Germany and the agreement between to protect Germany. Hitler would take care about them for the loyalty he was bad man but also thankful. ( Google black National Socialist) This SWJ PC bulshit doesn’t have affected on people who know that and are well educated here in Europe and get information which wasn’t destroyed properly by people who wish to erase everything good was created. Dont be silly. You can try but the world knows. Sounds good but doesn’t work. I’m not protecting Gernans from that time. This information are given to as from generation to generation. You don’t gonna make from a mouse a elephant. History stay the same with each movie about them you giving pover to real nacis. It’s only a movie it do not change nothing on today’s world. Even this comment is irrelevant and I’m wasting my time here.

MinarchistAnglo says:

Where (((hands))) touch fabricated stories to further their race mixing agenda

blighted beak says:

NEXT YEAR, HOLLYWOOD WILL SHOW ME NIGGA NAZI SS. wait….. isnt dat battlefield V….?

Masculine Buddha says:

“A WW2 movie where the villains are Nazis?! Wow, so fresh, edgy, original and brave. I smell an Oscar.”

Of course, Hollywood is run by Jews, the Jews were persecuted by the Nazis, Stalin persecuted, tortured and systematically murdered 10-15 times the number or people Hitler did but he gets a pass in Hollywood because Karl Marx was a Jew.

Duke Togo says:

Jungle Fever: Nazi Edition

Try not to concentrate too hard… It’s a joke.

Lemmy Killmister says:

Fack imigrant

jujufactory says:

Oh no… not another hollocaust movie.

??? says:

I dont understand whats the problem with everybody
If you want extreme realism and historical accuracy in a hollywood movie just go and watch documents.

Rikard Andersson says:


Dashcam Fellow says:

Supposed to be set during the holocaust, yet all the prisoners look like they just walked out of a beauty salon. Typical Hollywood, make it as unrealistic as possible to divert from how it really was. At least Spielberg wasn’t scared of showing us the true horror.

madscientist 666 says:

What we see here just a left and right fighting and promoting their ideology. Yep this movie so weird and shit btw

Micronesian Skully says:

Shit! I thought this was Anne Frank

caller347 says:

The comment section brings a tear of joy to my eye. I thought I was the only one here waking up.

Hassan Askari says:

Hollywood why you are not making movie for the America .america murderd million of people why always for are showing germany a bad guy plz evil in this earth is America you made a 9/11 drama and killed 9 millions Muslim you drop nuclear bomb on Japan you murderd and still the land of red indians .when will Hollywood make a movie about the evil America long live germany I am not a German but hitler was not a bad guy studying is better then to watch this shit movie made by Zionist hitler was doing great job to clean all Zionist from this earth because he was a clever guy he knees that one day this Zionist germs will make the earth a bad place to live peace ✌️

Dan- Yul says:

This is gonna be good!!

Doc C Principe says:

Fuck all time i see a ww2 film all soldier are fuker it more the rafen ss are rasist

JD D says:

Es gab keine systematische Verfolgung von afro-deutschen im 3. Reich, es gibt keinen einzigen belegten Fall. Stattdessen waren einige der wenigen in Deutschland lebenden Farbigen, Soldaten des Akrikakorps der Wehrmacht.

kamikase yamamura says:

Holliwood garbage propagation of anti white sentiments

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