1 BUCK Trailer (2017) Thriller, Movie HD

1 BUCK Trailer (2017) Thriller, Movie HD
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I read that this movie went over budget by sixteen dollars, I sure hope they made it back from box Office receipts !

Uncommon Sense says:

Pentagram all over yet aliens are more real than the Devil riiiight. This is spiritual warfare.

BLeAcHx171 says:

This is a terrible movie. It felt like work trying to get to the end. It’s not thrilling at all and the story is total shit.

DMN DMN says:

DO NOT WATCH DO NOT WATCH, movie is all over the place. But its about a one dollar bill being passed around….dumb movie

Natan Miksic says:

comment section is way better than trailer lmao

Maria Shonova says:

Good trailer. Like

ViiRaL says:

The Family Guy made an episode on 1 buck too.. it’s funny

Gauss24 says:

if money could talk, it would tell me not to waste it on this movie

kenneth schaijk says:

1 buck is what it will make at the box office

Drek_yz says:

Nice mustang man

jenny68 lopez says:

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y me says:

About a dollar that’s always upside down! Who gives money to people upside down?

second cange says:

you can Watch or Download 1 Buck (FULL MOVIE) HD 1080P. Visit: http://bit.ly/2j60DuL

4c1dr3fl3x says:

Straight to TV. 3 AM, channel 768 TV.

Andor says:

Money becomes posessed, based on real events, pick one.

Nick Brown says:

Hold up….I thought this had John Candy in it?

Inescapable Doom says:

Twenty Bucks (1993)

JDM Cesar says:

Just watched it. Ehh decent movie. Basically follows the story of a dollar bill.

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