A VIGILANTE Official Trailer (2019) Olivia Wilde, Thriller Movie HD

A VIGILANTE Official Trailer (2019) Olivia Wilde, Thriller Movie HD
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Patrick Tomasso says:

Didn’t Jennifer Lopez already make this movie?

Johnny Quest says:

Great; another bullshit female ‘badass’ movie. Women do go Thor; they use poison or the legal system cause they are physically inferior to men. Get over it.

Bryce Courtney says:

Wahmen can do anything

PalmurcioWorld says:

1:15 with that blonde hair she looks like Elisabeth Moss

Alfredo Ochoa says:

She should have been captain marvel

drsupremo88 says:

Fukn dope trailer

Dan Of The People says:

And here we see the hated white male getting what the media wants you to believe he deserves, for all the years of oppressing everyone around him…

(Except neither myself, my father, or grandfather EVER OPPRESSED ANYONE. Or abused anyone, etc)

Angel Rita says:

For once, an intriguing trailer that draws the viewer in without revealing the entire plot/ subplot of the film. Bravo to the editing team!! A Vigilante is a must watch movie!!

Deanith says:

10secs in the trailer.
ME ” I love this movieeeeeee”


Renee Citizen says:

God I want to see this….

ispguy2001 says:

Looks good

Alexander Arnold says:

All Males are “Matching Up” “underMales” with women whom they have succeed to create more underMales. Not a fan of that!

This looks like an interesting film though, the script could be more complex though, with more characters.

Snavea Pertz says:

Enough x Peppermint

Charles Dickens says:

Ooh wow anudda stronk waman moovie ! yay hurr durr womon r strongg! hehehe

WIN NA착한 소년 says:

The guy above me is gay

Hail Hydra says:

Jason, What have you done to her Jason? JASON.

walisked omar says:

i like that be with in heart #waliskedomar

Николай Михаил says:

Great, another movie where men are bad, and women are the “survivors”. Feminism is destroying western world. Now women are hating and competing with men. Men can’t be Men, and women want to be this all powerful thing that want control. Goodbye humanity. This sick world is devolving and digressing.

abcun17 says:

I want to be Olivia Wilde’s punching bag…

ilovepork and chicken says:

Olivia Wilde is looking WILD

admir stulic says:

who ever made this trailer ,congrats man ,i rlly hope u ll have much more business in the future ,awesome trailer !!

Criticis wrong says:

it’ll be another low art garbage like “you never were there”

Art Anderson says:

One to watch

meg says:

Looks good. Captain Marvel, I hope you are taking notes on how to deliver a “I’m going to end it” line.

JEANNETTE belanger says:

This is what all female victims should do then the scum bag men that do this would be wiped off the earth I going to love this movie as I did peppermint! Let’s fight back lady’s lol

Dan C says:

Looks like a kickass movie

Cricket 53 says:

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Uchiha Hikaku says:

Should call this movie “Rag Day”

Shay says:

Jennifer Lopez been there done that with Enough…

Joseph says:

The start can be a meme

Kinkon skadoosh says:


christopher langston says:


Steezeeyy says:

Her face is so recognizable, her disguises are less convincing than Hannah Montana

Fabricio Bezerra says:


rick smith says:

My mother was abused by my stepdad dragged inn backwards by her hair broken ribs broken nose blood all over the floor tied to the bed how I wish when I was a kid this lady would have killed him I never followed in that demons footsteps and married a supervisor at a battered women’s shelter ps I did try to take his ass out when I was 17 he lived though lucky devil good movie definitely watching this

M Cash says:

Olivia Wilde isn’t really selling a killer, I could throw her across a room she’s that small.

Tech Review says:

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Mechanized Power says:

Olivia Wilde is past her prime and isn’t hot anymore.

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