Afflicted (2013) movie review vampire horror thriller found footage

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My review for the new vampire film Afflicted.
Written, directed and starring Derek Lee and Clif Prowse.


lolo alejo says:

How i love you 🙂 every movie you say is good i have looked at and liked i get excited when i see you yeyyyy lol. Besitos.

Leah R says:

True, can you imagine that film in the hands of an Asian filmmaker or even a Scandinavian? You are right there was something missing in the tone.

Kwaam Maawk says:

They totally say why he opts out of hospital help. Family help. etc. Cmon man. It was a solid peice. Hey, Why did the dialog annoy you?

harlon meeks says:

I agree on the lifeless dialogue no doubt. I think what made the movie cool for me personally is that I didn’t know it was a vampire flick. I thought it was some sort of outbreak/superpowers kind of film, but once I saw he was a vampire I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. It’s best if you don’t know going into it, even the dvd cover says nothing about it being about vampires. The title of your review is a lil spoiler lol. Good review though bro.

Kwaam Maawk says:

Favorite scene: (growling)…”get away from me” ….

florian bahl says:

good review

pypeworld says:

Good review. I’m not a big found footage fan, as it’s the new way to make a cheap horror movie, but Afflicted was a surprisingly entertaining watch, with some creative camera work.

reyfuego360 says:

I thought this movie was really good

John Wills says:

Stage Fright review soon?

Jonny Klin says:

Sounds good bro

Denita Watkins says:

Er….I wouldn’t say its modern vampires. As these vampires aren’t emo veggie vampires that shrine bright like diamonds. While its not completely classic, nor true ro the mythology. I feel it puts a more realistic spin on what vampires would be, if they actually existed.

hybribmomentz says:

I don’t think you love horror…..

Bk94541 says:

base of ur review,i heard from other people is pretty good one  ,gonna buy it used for $10.00 total price from EBAY..i think worth it for that much to buy!
cool review

Frank Bowman says:

He becomes vampire batman

ViewWorldCinema says:

Great review my friend! I will definitely check this one out! Have a great day !

jdgonzo1982 says:

i just finished watching this movie and came here to find a decent review…i liked yours a lot. Nice to see others are open minded and a bit forgiving towards a movie like this. it wasn’t perfect but, overall, it was a really good effort. the last 20-30 minutes was awesome…just found the start a little annoying, the acting wasn’t great (trying too hard) but yeah…nice to see that others appreciated it!! I’m hoping their next movie will be good…

new to your channel…what do you like reviewing? Just horror?

Happy new year! 🙂

Thy.FartIsMurder says:

To be honest in a found footage film situation I would absolutely keep filming, maybe its just me…

DestricTz says:

i loved this movie 4/5 from for me!

Tonekea says:

Love the movie. It Reminds Me Of VHS first scene and chronicle. I like the story I think he knew what he was dying that’s why he never wanted to go to the hospital. It made sense to me.

32lilbruce says:

Great review, is there any word on a dvd release? i heard you can rent it on demand and some theaters might be showing it.

Desde Abajo Podcast says:

Hi Joe!!!  I have been disconected a little bit, glad to see more of your reviews! I did enjoy this film, but I think it would be better without the “Found Footage” aspect (especially if you consider  the whole “reality show” intro and then the mix into F. Footage) Agree with the dialogue, and those camera tricks were kinda cool (running test too) Have a great weekend I see the newest review after checking out “Oculus”

Brandon Baca says:

When he wakes up and derrick is right next to him was scary as fuck.


Looks good I discovered it from Norman Reedus who recommended it. I plan to watch it soon. 

Kwaam Maawk says:

Alot of what they recorded was offline. I just don’t understand how people hate ff, other than bad hurling experiences at the theater. I like pov

Patrick Petrie says:

was the vampire in the last credits scene dereks friend that he was on vacationn with. thought it looked like him and it certainly was not derek. good film tho. reminded me of the movie with the little 300 year old girl vampire that befriends a 12 year old boy, she was the same typ of vamp…. 3.5 out of 5…..

Leah R says:

Chronicle, true. Let the Right one in, true as well. Having said that, I probably enjoyed this movie more than it strictly deserved. I felt it really worked. Some of the scenes were very well executed. Pacing, locations, story all great. You are right the dialogue and choices of the characters suits a younger duo. I say a 4 because it really was better than expected. I gave it the extra point cause they sure bent backwards to explain the found footage aspect, lol

Wasted Texan says:

I really enjoyed this movie. Was different

Robert Wright says:

I like it. It was one of the better “Found Footage” films.

quiet q says:

At the the end credits it was cliff they should totally make a sequel

TheGamingNotes says:

Thank you! I’ve been searching a ton for some more found footage! Definitely going to check this out. 

Kwaam Maawk says:

Most dialog is annoying to boot.

Donald Joseph says:

this was the best found footage horror movie out there

Austin Singer says:

Just finished it, it was pretty good. Yeah I must agree it’s Chronicle meets vampires except this one is WAY more dark. I just wish there was some more scenes with Derek’s character using his powers (from his point of view) and now that you mention it, the characters aren’t really human (in the sense that most male young adults would use the powers for selfish reasons similar in Chronicle). I’d give it 3.5/5

Rob Lucci says:

derek is can not die and the french police trys to kill him but he kills them all kills 18 swat officers and 3 
policeman and he also kills  1 random person and cliff turns into a vampire and kills three 
other poeple the and the french nationl guard comes in the city were the vampires are and thats all it tells me

Gua says:

This movie was a pleasant surprise.

Josh Kelly says:

Considering all aspects of the film, I really liked it overall. The only thing I was bugged about was the whole not being at least a little more surprised about the superhuman abilities, but at the same time, with him being in the situation he was in I did give it a pass. However, for the budget and all, I thought it was an especially good movie, and it was great quality as far as found footage goes.

Dannyboy90ify says:

Sorry, the fact that he actually is a vampire is a pretty big spoiler. I know it gets obvious pretty soon, but no need to put it in the title of the video, and spoil everyone looking for this movie.

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