Argo | Ben Affleck Thriller Movie Review

Ben Affleck’s newest directorial effort hits theaters. Should you go see Argo?

Part political thriller, part wacky Hollywood send-up, does Ben Affleck’s follow up to Gone Baby Gone and The Town manage to balance two very disparate tones into a cohesive film? Dan, Jeff, and Alex discuss whether Argo should be in the running as Oscar time approaches.


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Aaron McDonald says:

you just need to be learn how to read descriptions instead.

Allen Huang says:

I’d remove Call of Duty and the Wii

William Brine says:

Remove one thing. Oppressive intellectual property laws. Oh, and homophobia.

SpartanCL1989 says:

I am excited to see this movie. Affleck has stepped his directing game up!

iqy92 says:

If I had to remove something I would probably choose the avatar last air bender film. Really stopped the tv series from becoming as huge as it could be.

Michael Duddy says:

Dont get ahead of yourself guys. You are saying that it doesnt have a good chance to win best picture because the Master got released in the same year but the Master has already had a significant backlash. Also Argo totally dominated the film festivals which where indicators of the past winners like The Artist, The Kings Speech, and The Hurtlocker.

omeer2010 says:

correction cod and the ds

Randommale7 says:

Scoot is great in Killing The Softly, his becoming a great character actor, and Killing Them Softly is a great movie and social commentary

mitrooper says:

You are beyond help, my friend…

SpartanCL1989 says:

Oh, and awesome review as per usual! 🙂

Adam Cate says:

Careful dan…you almost participated in this episode. Honestly I really wish you would just go back to reviewing like everyone else.

2nd3rd1st says:

16:34 “You can’t take away any part of nature or we might not exist.” Yeah, however removing earthquakes and vulcanic erruptions is a great idea, Dan? Talking about welding a pressure valve shut. 😉

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