BAD MATCH Official Trailer (2017) Lili Simmons, Tinder Dating Thriller, Movie HD

BAD MATCH Official Trailer
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Renee Cagala says:

tfw when you find out it was the kid who did all of this

Chandra Carver says:

They were messing up scenes on this movie during filming! Bad editing! Like when he cut his hand the wrap kept disappearing lol

Miguel Santiago says:

Just shows how the guy is a player and gets what it’s coming to him lol. Haha. But it also shows how dangerous those apps and websites can be. Lol I’m so glad I domt use that crap

kratosaurion24 says:

Bitches be crazy


This actually happened to me. I finally got her to stop by marrying her. Now it’s all good except i miss my bf that she murdered. #truelove

Patrick Conklin says:

Stole the ending from mystic river lol

Seth Winters says:

It has a 97% on Netflix. Most of the good movies there has a score from 89% and above. Definitely gonna watch it now.

sbrute66 says:

What a roller-coaster ride. One of those so-so movies with a GREAT payoff ending. My mouth dropped at the very end.

Muhanad Ahmad says:

100% rotten tomato my ass

Ty Kravitz says:

Movie would have been 10x better if that hot chick lived.

ADK 77 says:

got to be mo careful….

Jonathan Bender says:

great movie, unlike most, this was actually entertaining from start to finish

The Mazeful says:

His gamertag is Shadow!

Edivaldo Araujo says:

So basically I saw the entire movie in this trailer… what’s the point?

Ohko Lee says:

Lol! I can’t take this seriously as a thriller. Throughout the trailer I kept getting this comedy vibe so I kept laughing. Fail.

lc0806 says:

she is hot yet very scary, still would smash though

Pryor Bee says:

looks like a LMN movie hehe

N L says:

Are there so many stupid women who will sleep with guys on the first meeting ? Not even dating ? I blame the dumb women who are acting like sluts , that’s how guys get their one night stands.

Tygur Masscotter says:

Hey! That’s the guy from “Deception!” 🙂

Justin P says:

This is one reason why I don’t do online dating… crazy black widow bitch’s out there

MarvFIT says:

Highly recommend it. Don’t listen to these assholes in the comment section who haven’t even seen the movie. Don’t even watch the trailer, this was very good.

Rebel RockK says:

I figured it out before it ended lol

OnTopOfMy Dadsdick says:

Well That’s what you get for being a fuck boy

G Dash says:

Produced by eHarmony

violet goodman says:

This is what should happen to everyone who wants one night stands.

thequietCalm says:

My type of girl. Fo-sho

# Facts says:

The reason I don’t talk shit while online gaming…. Only a few will know what I’m talkin about!

Requis says:

Plot twist was pretty insane

Papapoo Do says:

I want everyone in this movie to die.


2016: eh
2017: we don’t talk about that year…
2018: Lit so far…

Ponicx Destiny says:

yo man what the fucking duck, i just wanted to search for some comedy movies, how did I end up at this, man t’is totally killing my good time right now

Juan José Del Pino Rivas says:

Is it me or this guy looks slightly similar to Sebastian Vettel from F1?

EzquimaCore says:

The movie has a good twist, trust me, it’s not in the trailer.

Shay- it's A good life Shay says:

My bestfriend act just like her i promise to god she check his call log accounts emails her nane is candace

J C says:

Psycho chick turns man into a Bigger Psycho then what she ever was. Well she wanted the Perfect Match well then she got it. The last Match she will ever have cause love cuts like a knife.

erikameah says:

No need to watch the movie . it was all shown in the trailer.

F S says:

I feel like that was the entire movie.

Aliyu Nura says:

This film taught me very important life lessons

Togepi says:


Toney Franco says:

Plot twist was crazy insane. I loved it!!!

Nicole pearson says:

The plot twist in this movie is fucking amazing

Yee Yee says:

I need some drama like this in my life.

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