BAD SAMARITAN Trailer #1 NEW (2018) David Tennant Thriller Movie HD

BAD SAMARITAN Trailer #1 NEW (2018) David Tennant Thriller Movie HD

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Raymond XL says:

Trailer gave away the whole movie!!!

mixx1john says:

Seen it last night it was very good

KP Thoughts and Opinions says:

I just don’t see how this would ever work in real life! So whenever they rob these customers, clearly they would go and report it to the police! And when they all mention how they are getting robbed when they eat at this restaurant, the police should be able to connect the dots and realize that it is them! Not only that! You should be able to look up the navigation history on the GPS, to where it would clearly show that the home address was used while they were eating at this restaurant! So I don’t see how these guys are able to get away with this! I guess I’m just going by the trailer! Maybe once I watch the movie, it will make more sense!

Dhany Khanz says:

just watch this movie in indonesia cinema theathre, its awesome movie, full tension and good story

James B. says:

I haven’t been seeing much advertising for this movie, I wonder if there’s a reason for that…hmm.

Savanna Lopez says:

I see everyone talking about Dr. Who, but what about Simon Lewis?

Batbalatelly says:

Rooting for David Tennant all the wayyyyyy like if you are to

Mohamed Sherif says:

British Don’t Breathe.

Langhope says:

How is he so brilliant at playing villians?

Gabriel César says:


philmanchan says:

Ugh Don’t Breathe kind of already did this…

Otokagure Jonin says:

Yeah, Doctor, you’re back…wait a sec, did you get all that money from robbing Queen Victoria???

Miles Klink says:

Looks like the doctor wanted to keep this companion

MsLoraish says:

its Killgrave all over again

IdeasEssential says:

I will correct you

zuzeks says:

“Don’t Breathe” ripoff?

Anthony Vigil says:

The doctor and Nathan together!

Queen Sandra says:

such a good movie

MJ Krebs says:

Why does David always play the best villains?!!?!?

Khadijih Gore says:

Robert Sheehan is one of my all time favorite actors.

luttimatos says:

My favorite Doctor Who is a Baaad guy now

Abigail Standish says:

O I’ve never even heard of this before. It looks good, wanna see

Nick Viggiano says:

Cr1tical sent me

Leomy Video says:

David Tenant do not use his Scottish accent.

Michael Villanueva says:

I really like this movie.  I just feel bad for the bad guy but not as much as I feel for those girls he murdered!

Robin Stevens says:


Awesomefacecraft says:

Anyone here from mois meter?

YoRocky says:

The Doctor will see you now!

Poeta Maledetto says:

What’s the name of the song which starts at 2.18?

Albert Mag says:

I hate these all filmed in the dark movies ..just cheep trash ….

Avid Inspiration says:



Cr1tical anyone?

Buck Rogers says:

Hmm, quite a bad trailer.

Smile S says:


George Caldwell says:

Moist Meter

Gemma Davies-Starr says:

I’m getting sick of trailers showing the whole film – especially thrillers…

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