BEL CANTO Official Trailer (2018) Julianne Moore, Christopher Lambert Thriller Movie HD

BEL CANTO Official Trailer (2018) Julianne Moore, Christopher Lambert, Ken Watanabe Thriller Movie HD
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Siyanda Makhathini says:

I want to see this portrayal of Stockholm syndrome.

Carolina A .Reyes Torres says:

Se parece a al caso de la embajada del Japón que fue secuestrada por Sendero Luminoso.

Scott Adler says:

More leftist crap. More often, the leftists are worse than what they replace, the Soviet Union, Mao’s China, Castro’s communist pigs, and the Sandinistas.

Ray Der says:

Guess we need to wait until the 2nd trailer to know why Christopher is even mentioned lol

Kanyarat Baker says:

Hollywood wanting the public to have empathy for terrorism. Yippie!

Jean-Wesley New says:

So, principled discussion via Stockholm Syndrome? Are they actually making hostage takers into sympathetic characters?

Abdus Samad says:

definitely not a Michael Bay movie , white people singing to save people…

Who Knew 22 says:

Singing will is the solution what a croc of shit

Desiree S. says:

One of my favorite books

Dika Mahardika says:

Julianne Moore…………………

Sarge Scum says:

Christopher Lambert!!!

michael mcdonough says:

wow lambert huh!

sammy nyaga says:

This is just beautiful
Refreshing in its subtle nature and all its undertones

androssteague says:

Man! I thought Chris Lambert died. Anyway they usually release Oscar buzz films around late September to December. A film with Ken Watanabe ( Letters from Iwo Jima ), and best actress for Still Alice. You can bet your ass this film is going to get Oscar attention.

That Guy You Know says:

I’m interested.

卌laila says:

Ken watanabe!! Represent!

Ojitoverde says:

This is about what happened in peru?

Mila Rad says:

Music is the ultimate universal language. We need more of this.

jeff Madani says:

Look suck

Aura Sacor says:

Mercedes Coroy ❤

MrRD1981 says:

Another Academy Awards nomination for Julianne

badabingmike says:

I hope she doesn’t make the mistake and sing ” Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”

Mike Loder says:

Holy shit what an SJW wank fest.

Kevinheart 4real says:

I can’t wait !!

118:8 118:10 says:


HD Candela says:

Idiot false virtue signalling unrealistic Leftists held hostage by other Leftists.

Enrique Mendoza says:


K V says:

I love that they gave the actual opera singer a huge title card for her voice, a lot of times movies just stick it in the credits and don’t really address it

Amata Phegea says:


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