Beneath movie review (2013) horror thriller fish monster

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My review for Larry Fessenden’s newest film Beneath! Produced by Chiller Films, I was not expecting much. See what I thought.

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cauwel3 says:

are they playing it on Chiller ?

Leah R says:

The Bay! that is a good choice and I really didn’t think going ‘old school’ as the Americans say. That is an interesting idea. The Omen, The Bad Seed, American Werewolf in London maybe, Dawn of the Dead? Maybe Dawn is a bit too gory but a great satirical element.

David Koenig says:

Crap…you beat me again in getting your review out first…I’ll be doing a video response with my review. Had some different thoughts on this…

cauwel3 says:

Favorite horror for 2013 so far is VHS 2. I liked American Mary as well. Those 2 off the top of my head. Thanks for stopping by.


i loved the film though i disagree with lots of this review. i believe the movie takes itself very seriously and seemed extremely dramatic throughout several parts in the film. there were some great and intense moments.

CrogerMan says:

its really bad bad movie. to be honest, nothing works here as way it should

cauwel3 says:

I agree there were some tense moments. But at times it felt like it was kind of doing the Cabin in the Woods thing

cauwel3 says:

that is a tough one. This movie would be good (since it was basically made for TV). I don’t know Grabbers, The Bay. Or some of the good classics the kids might think they are cheesy now like The Omen.

David Koenig says:

On VOD channels…I don’t have Chiller. It’ll probably be on DVD soon too…

Back to Orthodoxy says:

I thought this was going to be on the Cole mining movie, Beneath, that just came out in 14. Have you seen that one? Its really good.

Leah R says:

My daughter is throwing a horror themed sleep over with friends. They are young teens. could you give me some recommendations of cheesy horror with some jump scares but not too much gore? Troma is too cheesy for these kids who fancy themselves ‘cool’, thanks!

ViewWorldCinema says:

Will definitely give this one a shot! Another great review! Keep up the great work mate!

Leah R says:

She is definitely going with The Thing (one of my favourites)

Lorena Macêdo says:

nice movie, fun and all that!

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