“Bird Box” 2018 Netflix Drama/Thriller Movie Review – The Horror Show

Cecil & Marcia argue as they discuss the new release starring Sandra Bullock & John Malcovich available on Netflix, “Bird Box”!

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Hosts: Cecil Laird & Marcia Parker
Produced & Edited by Cecil Laird

Opening & Closing Logo Designs by Rolo Ledesma & Kristopher Anderson.

Music by Mark Mason & Peter Hall.

Special thanks to the following for providing set dress pieces:

Our “Horror Show” Zombie Sign: Tom Deadstuff

“Scare Bear” aka “Bloody Ruxpin”: Germ Spider Designs


Too Fond of Books says:

The controversy about Bird box being a ripp off of Quiet Place is ridiculous! Bird box is a book that came out before Quiet Place. Bird box is more similar in concept to The Mist and Night of the Living Dead than to the Quiet Place. I liked Bird box (mostly due to the actors) , but the book was better. What about that ending?! It was so vanilla! I also didn’t like the ending in the book, but the movie’s ending was worse.

JERKS Productions says:

The Happening & Quiet Place had a pet bird, put it in a box and made this movie. Overall I enjoyed it.

Stevie Psycho says:

She’s right. This film is better than A Quiet Place. Avhs the latter is incredible. Nitpicking the GPS scene felt exactly like that. Nitpicking. It’s makes total thematic sense. They were going slow and running over all kinds of shit. Satellites power themselves and gas powers the SUV. Nor knowing what the creatures are is brilliant. Can you imagine the courage it takes to FEEL your way around? Not knowing is the whole point. Swimming out in the ocean is terrifying BECAUSE you don’t know what’s below. You have some ideas and you can fear the worst, but your imagination will eventually get the better of you. If you’re blindfolded, in a boat, floating down the river and you bump something and become stuck do you immediately stick your hands out there knowing some evil shit is lurking around? Fuck no you don’t. Bird Box is brilliant and the CGI creatures in QP were horrid, but the movie was so good it overcame that shortcoming.

Casual Accident says:

I liked it! I love movies that have no explanation. It also did what it need to do without any jump scares.

John Kyle Stanton says:

I’m on team “I’m Marcia Parker” I loved it, but I did wish I could of seen the monster and I agree with Cecil I liked a Quit Place better.

S Hayden says:

I liked the movie! Beforehand I heard ppl saying it was just “okay” or they didnt like it. So I went into it with low expectations and ended up enjoying it. Definitely has some flaws though as Cecil pointed out.

A.S. Minor says:

For those of you who have seen “Bird Box” on #Netflix, here’s my take on it:

The movie is symbolic of #MentalIllness. It speaks of the fact that these “supernatural” creatures cause so much mental distress when people see them that they’re forced to commit #suicide. **Spoiler alert** The only people immune to these creatures are the blind people. In the movie, the mentally ill patients in psych units are able to see them and then get the uncontrollable impulse to force others to see them, not caring that it will cause them to kill themselves.

I feel like this speaks to the idea that mental illness is something that can cause people to harm themselves after being unable to control the thoughts and images they have. Those in the movie with #MentalHealth issues are immune because this is something they already live with and have grown accustomed to. They try desperately to force “normal” people to see the truth, but those people’s minds cannot handle it, so they are forced to kill themselves. The blind people signify those who are able to recognize the mental illnesses but don’t actually deal with them, and thus use this talent to help guide people to safety.

It’s interesting to note that the only way for #SandraBullock to survive is by covering her eyes, because it points to how most of society deals with mental illness by pretending it doesn’t exist. I really enjoyed this movie. What are your thoughts?

Ange Alexiel says:

thx guys, i’ve enjoyed it, but to me it’s not as effective as a Quiet Place …. but it was interesting to see.

Lou says:

As usual, the book is better. Birdbox is good but suffers when compared to A Quiet Place. The dynamic of being quiet, especially cinematically, trumps not being able to see. The GPS scene was not in the book.

Carole McDonnell says:

I m with Marcia. I really liked it. I love the thematic subext where the disabled and the wounded isolated people inherit the earth. In a disaster only those who have endured being outsiders ..criminals and good folks… will survive but softies won’t. I agree with Cecil about the workaround. The story should probably have started with Tom and our heroine and flashbacked from there. When i see absent people it’s a spoiler cause yeah i know who dies. A quiet place was more about parental love and happening was more about climate change, but this is all about accepting the power of avoidance and not trusting our senses. The only weapon the creatures have is forcing us to see what we don’t want to see. Wiful blindness or emotional and physical blindness will save a person.

Sandra Weilbrenner says:

This film looks blah

Drew Racicot says:

You should do a reaction to the new black mirror video

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