Chained movie review (2012) horror thriller

My review of the new film Chained

Bob, a cab-driving serial killer who stalks his prey on the city streets alongside his reluctant protégé Tim, who must make a life or death choice between following in Bob’s footsteps or breaking free from his captor. -IMDB

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spaulding069 says:

sounds like a good one dude. gonna check it out soon!!

messedupduck says:

This Movie was amazing

Uhlbsorry says:

Bloody Reunion was good too!

cauwel3 says:

Actually I am surprised about how many people do not like the end. Thanks for watching!!

Ash Rayne says:

You NEED to watch Boxing Helena.  It’s creepy as hell until the almost cop-out ending (which ended up being a relief).  

Desmon Palmer says:

Just watched this flick! Also the guy that plays Bob is also on Law & Order haha but back to the film loved every part, and the end was just amazing. It shows that the movie doesn’t always need to end on a bad note when it’s a thriller. SPOILER ALERT: the fact that it was his dad who caused this, and he basically had his brother kidnap, and kill 1/2 of his family is crazy!!!! Great film, amazing

OmDzable says:

I never understood the ending.
What happened to Angie? Did he let her go or keep her prisoner…?

cauwel3 says:

not seen the trailer for the film. But you are getting warm

cauwel3 says:

It isn’t really about the killing part. Mostly the killings are going on but it’s about the relationship between The killer and boy.

cauwel3 says:

really good film. That end I did not see it coming at all.

sybyly says:

yea if you want to give your film a twist that nobody will see coming (which is all that a lot of people seem to need these days), then all you have to do is tack on an ending that makes absolutely no sense at all and apparently makes a lie of everything you have shown up to that point.

cauwel3 says:

This movie was a little gem.

Lucy Elwell says:

This movie is amazing! XD

Alan Alor says:

great review, liked the movie a lot, i liked the end, it made sense, and was a cool twist, the only thing i didnt like was the girl, so unrealistic behavior, i liked her role, but not her dialogue, overall, great movie!!

Red Chair says:

I make an uneducated guess that the boy is his son.

cauwel3 says:


Street Skater 66 says:


cauwel3 says:

so you liked it ??

Darryl14ful says:

I loved the movie up until the ending, the kid has ntn now, he’s uneducated, has no source of funds/income, like what is he gonna be doing with his life now? Like the only thing I liked about the ending was the twist with his father

Leah R says:

A Tale of Two Sisters 2003 Korea. I had to watch it 3 times to get all the details. Marebito(2005) That is Takashi Shimizu, from the Ju-on series. CURE is one of my favourites-Japanese I think around 1997-98. I would have to say my top is Noroi -2005 It a ‘found footage or documentary style movie that is SUPER good . Dark Water-Japanese- 2002 . Korean film 2006-7-Bloody Reunion. Horror Comedy-CHAW.
I loved Guilty of Romance-Japanese end of 2011. I saw the Devil- Korean 2010

ChuckyBlackheart says:

I watched this last night and typed in ‘Chained movie review’ to see what others thought of it.

I was enjoying it up until the end. I’m surprised people liked the end. I thought the ending was a load of rubbish. The movie felt like it was going somewhere, but at the end, never got there.

Red Chair says:

Neither have I.

cauwel3 says:

Yeah do not research the ending

cauwel3 says:

Glad you liked it.

cauwel3 says:

Give me a recommendation for a Asian horror. I seen a lot of the older ones. I haven’t seen that many lately

LadyDeVonne33 says:

I was shocked as FUUUUUUUCK. Like WTF???? That Ending Was Out FuckingRageous.

jgodoy80 says:

This movie

cauwel3 says:

I saw the Devil was very good

Gigi8877 says:

I watched this movie because of Eamon Farren, who I discovered in Twin Peaks: The Return. I’ve never before been so taken by an actor that I went to the trouble of looking them up and seeking out their work. I’m just mentioning this because you said you hoped to see him in more things. In the past few days he’s become my favorite actor, I also watched “Carlotta” which he won an award for best supporting actor in (I don’t remember exactly the type of reward because I believe it was an Australian one, which is where he’s from). If you haven’t seen him in other things yet, I highly recommend checking out his other work. His range is pretty astounding. Not sure if you are a David Lynch/Twin Peaks fan but he’s incredible in it and plays pretty much the exact opposite role as he does in this movie. And in Carlotta, he plays a drag queen (& makes a gorgeous girl too lol). Each role was so completely different, I was just blown away. Anyway I know you wrote this review years ago so would be curious if you have seen him in other things since then & if so, what your thoughts are. I really liked this movie as well. I wasn’t a huge fan of “Boxing Helena” even though I really wanted to like it because I’m a huge fan of Sherilyn Fenn but it was just a little too much for me. I liked the concept though & really like Jennifer Lynch, just in general from watching/listening to interviews with her and now more so due to this movie. Anyway, thanks for the review!

Leah R says:

You really don’t see the ending coming at all. NOT AT ALL. It did lag a tiny bit in the movie.

Uhlbsorry says:

I saw the devil was one of the best films I have ever seen! It was 2011.

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