CLOSE Official Trailer (2019) Noomi Rapace, Netflix Thriller Movie HD

CLOSE Official Trailer (2019) Noomi Rapace, Netflix Thriller Movie HD
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Jennifer Kleber says:

Riveting !!!

Caro Gomez says:

I love you noomi rapace…
Every movie that she work is espectacular!!!

jaafar kassim says:

Women Vs Only Male Assassins

Tvang1991 says:

Honestly, i hardly watched her movies so I won’t know her, but I’ll love to see her in a John Wick movie, maybe 4 if 3 is already done with production.

Shinoma Ma says:

I will only see this movie for Noomi Rapace

Marvel Studios says:

one media please give me iPhone pease

sinkhole of happiness says:


Gregory Thomas says:

Woman On Fire

Betina Todorova says:

Song name?

amosfinn76 says:

130lb. Middle aged female killing and throwing around 200lb+ men like it’s anti gravity. Hollywood has been eating it’s own shit for years…but now it’s starting to like it.

Stephen Murphy says:

More third wave feminist propganda hollywood style. Yes indeed women fair so well in developing islamic countries then reality bites her in the ass.How shocking who would’ve ever foreseen tragedy…..

Knight Wraith says:

Always up for a Noomi Rapace film, she’s a badass actress.

Desirie Endrina says:

so… this answers the question..”what happened to Monday?”

Chairad Siripak says:

I thoght she is Tuesday from “what happened to monday” hahaha

Akosi Charlie says:

Girl crush Noomi is back!!!!

neuromantoo says:

If Noomi is in it I’m watching it.!

John Doe says:

Noomi Rapace should be Captain Marvel.

Edward Rynghang says:


Jon Ericson says:

So, the OG Lisbeth apparently taking on the forces of Madame De Fer. Gonna be close. Pun intended.

KashMillioso says:

I luv noomi movies she is so good

maeinureyes says:

Yass Noomi yasss!!

fitness model says:


sai monish says:

Taken: Naomi version?

Denys Momot says:

Noomi is an amazing actress as always.

PhantomPain74 MZR says:

Good Actors , good Movie.

Dorothy Jones says:

Just watched “What Happened to Monday”…and Noomi Rapace is really doing the badass right for me.

Blockbuster Nation says:

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9 like comment: 30 views

6ix9ine Yadav says:

Wao nice trlr

مجيد الغامدي says:

Good just good

Horace says:

Bodyguard: Season 2. lol I guess it’s anthology series.

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