Coherence (2013) movie review Sci-Fi Thriller

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I probably used the term “mind bending” too much for this film. It’s not really a mind bender, you can follow it. So check out my review for James Ward Byrkit’s Coherence (2013)

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H Muller says:

Hey!  I’m a first time watcher of your vids.  I’m not sure if you’re new – but I hope you do well.  I see you have 2000 subs thus far – good luck.

I’m not a critic – I say this to hopefully give crit which will assist you and help to grow your channel – but 2 things: I don’t think you should look at or refer to written notes.  It takes away from the spontaneity.  Also, why are you not looking at the cam?

Anyway – good review, keep it up.

Leah R says:

Thanks for the recommendation, I missed this film.

AlabasterSmudge says:

Excellent flick! Really enjoyed it.Thanks again,cool guy.

Niels Åge Nielsen says:

I watched this yesterday. It’s a pearl, that’s all there is to it. Shows that you don’t need to spend a million bazillions to make a great movie.

Mladen Kulic says:

Elizabeth Gracen was also in the movie the actress who played Amanda Darieux in Highlander tv show and a spin off Highlander:The Raven.

Erlend Bjorklund says:

Pleasantly surprised with this film, and considering what they had to work with in terms of budget and whatnot! A- for me!

Kalin Dokis says:

OMG I loved this movie so much and especially the tension between the actors. The ending was so creepy

Chance Holland says:

I love your reviews man and that backgrounds getting better as well. I’ve been following you for awhile now and can see how far you’ve came and can tell that your only getting better!

AlabasterSmudge says:

Sounds cool.Thanks!

Jesse Edwards says:

I heard about this movie a while ago. It’s still sitting in the saved queue on my Netflix. Ha ha.

mrsnickers21 says:

Sounds great, I will check it out.

Victor Poon says:

Totally Agree with you on the plot device element. Was a bit forced

Ryan Layug says:

I loved it! For me one of the best sci fi movies. I never thought I have to hold on my seat while watching it. One of my favorite movies.

Insanity Gaming says:

Great review yet again keep it up!

Wilks363 says:

 I will check it out..!

M Balazs says:

the reason I watch a revive is because I want to see what the move is about to decide is it worth watching
i watched like 7 review so far someone spoiler it already for me so I know what this move is about to decide is it worth watching loool
Twilight zone grate what about people who did not see tease series :D? (I did so this good enough for me)

Kewan Gray says:

I still have to watch Primer!But Coherence elevates the paranoia factor to a level where I was scared. That to me is pretty rare, Great movie all in all. I found myself asking questions to myself and looking dumbfounded for certain scenes. I wish they would added a killer aspect to the film, but you didn’t really need it, it was that good. 4/5

anthony hicks says:

This movie blew my mind! I love watching movies that make me think. With such a low budget and no special effects, the director did an excellent job with the source material.

big-bro-LITTLE-BRO says:

Fucking loved it excellent movie just didn’t like how it ended wanted to what happened

Raven House Mystery says:

The film definitely surprised me with the tension and paranoia that builds up. It is like a long Twilight Zone episode and I thought the ending was good, since it was foreshadowed way back near the beginning.

Dominic Nicholson says:

Just finished it. Need a sit down and a cup of tea. That was quite something. Very heavy twilight zone vibe. Great film.

David Koenig says:

I generally do not like these types of film but you are right, this one is REALLY good. It could have went off the rails easily though the director kept it tight. I’d say if you like a film with probabilities, math, science and like you said paranoia, this is worth your time.

BrendoSenpai says:

a little bit of paranoia? i watched this around about 12pm-1am and by the end i was so paranoid i didnt sleep untill the sun came up again. brilliant movie as soon as i woke up, i told my dad immediately that this was a movie he needed to watch 

Juan Valenzuela says:

If a movie has a good script and good performances, I generally cut them some slack on the plot devices. Might check this one out.

Jimmy London says:

i watched this movie when i was coming down from an acid trip and i have never been more blown away by a film in my life haha

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