CONSENT (2017) Full Movie – Thriller/Mystery

A young woman encounters a stranger online who reveals the whereabouts of her missing sister.


Sarah Stouffer
Jack Sochet
Christian Zuber
Bevin Hamilton
Sorin Brouwers
Justin Morck

Director: Herman Ming
Writers: Herman Ming and Carrie Wong
Producer: Carrie Wong
Associate Producer: Ernesto Sandoval
1st AD: Alexandra Cuerdo
2nd AD: Chelsey Monroe
Script Supervisors: Chelsea Mayer, Jennifer Sherer
Director of Photography: Ragland Williamson
2nd Unit DP: Jennifer Gittings
1st ACs: Michael Pyrz, Taryn Roraback, Dylan Chapgier, Mykee Del Mundo
Gaffer: Jennifer Gittings
Gaffer: Dylan Chapgier
Key Grip: Phil Carter
Additional Grip: Minmin Tsai
Additional Grip: Eduardo Zamora
Makeup Artist: Erica Garcia
Props: Chelsea Mayer
PA: Nicholas Marell
PA: Stephanie Hoover
Sound Recordists: Valerie Burgos, Robert Scheib
Sound Effects: Jeff King
Sound Design & Mix: Tony Solis
Colorist: Azim Tirmizi
Visual FX: Herman Ming
Mingo Logo: Karen Wang

Music By:
Marc Maynon:
Robert Parker:


keeping it real Harrisburg pa says:

Watching in Harrisburg Pennsylvania


Nice movie.but not really worth it

Kenan Tevrat says:

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김큐티 says:

bad ending

sbarnett37tiger Barnes says:

lol my Nanna could make a better movie than this. And she’s dead!

FaZe Angela says:

1:57 Phacebook? not with f? hmm sounds like she lives in another world like ours..and what kind of pc is that? the video is in 2017 so it gotta be like a new one (windows 7,10) or Mac.

שירלי זהבי says:

A stupid movie

Thumb Print says:

There may be some spoilers below, beware.

Richard6 Cole6 says:

shit film

marcus sagawam says:

Help find The Missing FBI emails……….

IreOluwatomiwa Idowu says:

expecting the end part

April Bagwell says:

I remember having all those chats up in the good ole days of AOL

Michelle DiNovo says:

SPOILER (Sort of)>>> 28:30 “He looks harmless to me.” Of all the absolutely stupid things to say, especially given her position.

John whitsel says:

great dialog and great acting, perfect sound and picture, thanks for the upload!

Fahad Alsayegh says:


glenn mersiosky says:

was in a trance, movie was gettin jucier, and then thhbbuuuzzttt it was over.

Michelle DiNovo says:

Good movie all in all. SPOILER>>>>BUT, 56:30 …NO District Attorney would be that stupid, to incriminate themselves so blatantly…”I shouldn’t be mingling with minors”….”I am (attracted to minors)”. Writing can be done using common sense. Not sure why all movies, regardless of budget, choose not to use it. Good writing can achieve logical scenarios and sensible scenes. Run it past some people first, before releasing to public. All in all, good movie.

Stefanie Frost says:

Pretty good acting

Ritercrazy says:

So well done! Awesome.

dora S says:

The only way to tell a good movie, is when its leaving you in suspense!!! I enjoyed it!!

Vicari Blu says:

aw hell naw, i really hate internet movies like this


My ending would have been as such: The computer that she’s using belong to the company and since her boss knows that someone is trying to compromise the company and being that she broke protocol adds 1&1 and figures out that this guy has targeted her. Then her boss goes into her/the company computer and finds that someone else has remote access to the computer, tracks the user and while she has the jerk on the computer she hears a knock at his door and someone yells POLICE…and then he looks at the computer with SHOCK AND TERROR realizing what she had done. The Police break down the door and captures the guy and her phone rings while she’s watching the whole thing go down and she answers….HI MOM….

Shafiya Chaudhry says:

Actually the writer of this movie should come up i think… he or she can sort this matter

Robin Richter says:

Wow really fucked up movie…

Javonda Holloway says:

Wow that was a good movie!!!!

olives peppers says:

brings awareness to those who are unaware and reminds others who are aware of a dark reality good people would rather forget exists

marcus sagawam says:

Is this a true story? So freaky……

Donna Boutin says:

Ending was unfinished but interesting movie

Jelly Bean copas says:

Wow this is like one of them sick and twisted movies its just messed up. But keeps your attention

Gio Uezu says:

The most boring movie i ever seen…sorry…:-(

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