DADDY’S GIRL Official Trailer (2018) Psycho Thriller Movie HD

DADDY’S GIRL Official Trailer (2018) Psycho Thriller Movie HD
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S Williams says:

Female version of bastard

NITISH 4rocks says:


AJ Chris Moore says:

Is that fucker from the movie SAW ?

yoongisswa g says:

The fact that this happened in real life (toy box killer) makes it 10x worse

Oliwia says:

nice ddlg we got here aren’t we

Myrlie says:

We already saw the entire movie with that trailer.

kidoo says:

Put this shit on Netflix

kweem says:

I’m not gonna lie, I’m confused af.

iamdeadspecie says:

-_- looks boring but okayyyyyy

Katie says:

The southern accents are so annoying

Blondes in Black cars says:


tay tay says:

I can’t wait to see it !

Simon Peterson says:

These movies creates killers. Idiots to producers!!

They shoulde be looked away and then you destroy the key

Nineten Vines says:

Weird flex but ok

Daria Sekemoto says:

Why is everyone so negative about this movie It’s just a movie for gods sake and if you find it offensive then why are you even watching this trailer there are more movies like this and when you think this could trigger someone bc it’s something that really happens in this cruel world then stop being such a cry baby and don’t take it too serious there is a difference between a movie and reality I mean there are so many movies about peoply get killed and nobody complains about these kind of movies also there could be someone triggered bc people get killed in reality so just stop

anneke harrison says:

This is based on a true story you know! A daughter used to lure woman for her father to torture.

Elegantly Wasted says:

No thanks

Nuna YanPepe says:

Ngeri sangad

shakira2976 says:

So he likes torturing, and she likes making them kill themselves. That’s it, that’s the movie. Plot twist that’s not really a plot twist if he really is the father.

Jul i says:

Me dio miedo

K-POP trash Isife says:

This reminds me of the WEBTOON bastard

DarkWingman says:

looks like an episode of criminal minds… in overlength…

Gary says:

Reminds me of saw

B Walton says:


Poison Ivy says:

we stan

T h e G O A T 2 3 Cnadz says:

That dudes a major petafile

Tony Films335 says:

Saw but his games have no point

Hyuga Hinata says:

Girl version of bastard from webtoon❤

Rafael Leon says:

I love movies like this

zzzddduwu uwu says:

Why they always has this propaganda of torturing woman, why not men? sexist sick double standards

laila1989ism says:

The scariest part is that monsters like him don’t just exist in movies, they are real…

Syukur Abdullah says:

Now I have to think twice when I text guy and calling them daddy and papi this might happen. I’m going to pass out

James Anthony says:

Isn’t this just PET?

Angelo Navera says:

Oh well we need the girl from the movie spit on your grave vs daddy’s girl.

Mhao Yeager says:


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