DARK CRIMES Official Trailer (2018) Jim Carrey, Thriller Movie HD

DARK CRIMES Official Trailer (2018) Jim Carrey, Thriller Movie HD
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Radzik 1982 says:

Action in Wroclaw and recorded in Krakow:-)

Zachariah Schneider says:

Not only a good trailer, but they managed to convince Jim Carrey to come back to acting for it. I’d say that’s worth a look at least.

MiMi The BonBon says:

When Is It Coming Out?

Fabiola Chacon says:

I came here to hear the Myrkur soundtrack! lml

Michael Barclay says:

spotted dick pudding

Modulehead Independent Creative says:

Love seeing Jim Carey doing these types of roles, he delivers Everytime

Kelvin West says:

Jim Carrey looks exactly like Mel Gibson in Blood Father!!!

Rob C says:

Jim Carey is an asshole. He needs to go away forever.

Ata Rehman says:

Goddamn im fucking sold!

Snake says:

Looks like a real mind fuck, can’t wait to see it.

Elohim05 says:

Myrkur’s song “Skøgen Skulle Dø” in the background. So perfect!

Hunter Of good music says:

Looks like true detective season 1 with Jim Carey.I am in

bozo the clown says:

23: 2?

mike oxbig says:

I thought old  knob rot  was a  ” painter / political  satirist ”  now ?

L G says:

Y’all are talking about Carrey and I’m sitting here thinking “….saban? How do you go from Power rangers and Kamen raider kaiju shows to…this?”

Jonathan Sinned says:

Well, here’s hoping it’s better than The Number 23.

Marcus Lake says:


ka ms says:

No thanks I will NEVER watch a movie with this liberal MOONBAT Jim Carrey in it!

Ryan M says:


Joris V says:

You forgot to grade the clip at 1:13

Fahad Riaz says:

Ace ventura 3?

TheEhwagon64 says:

Yes. Hell yes. Fock yes. And sht yes…..

jayyTeęe s says:

Now this looks tense af

Aumakua76 says:

Carrey is an anti-vax piece of shit.

Kat Moen says:

Myrkur ❤

Raiko Al says:

I’m looking forward to the film as well as Jim

chaniqua smith says:

I always loved jim Carrey

Crustymetalcheebai says:


Leo Nordo says:

Jim carry is back

Glo Bal says:

“Jim Carey found dead” he was jerking off after he just painted the Rothchilds jerking off to the masses being fooled by a small televi-zion unit. The Vatican had nothing to say as they were busy screwing 6 year olds that went missing in a mall fire in Russia.

ThePyrotechnician says:

I’m Here for Myrkur (the metal band in the soundtrack) m/

Sleepwalkers says:


kate carpio says:

jim carrey looks awesome in this… also, either d movie’s story is really good or d guys responsible for making d trailer did an excellent job… either way, i’m gonna watch it…

Chelsea Braga says:

Jim is looking dammmnnn

Jon-Anders Stav says:

Myrkur – Skogen Skulle dø. Great song

awesome dude lol says:

Really, Jim Carrey NOT as a goofy funny character?
THIS I gotta see.

veta Pogorelovaа says:

very good

ashley sterling says:

omg finally this movie is coming out… I swear I been waiting for this since 2016

Josh Beaton says:

Awesome soundtrack by Myrkur 🙂

yaimavol says:

God, he looks terrible with that beard. He’s ageing badly.

Minh Tu Nguyen says:

This movie was supposed to be released in 2016. I saw a poster for it back then and it was never released. So happy right now!

Lars Nelson says:

Great cast!

Tim Welch says:

I wonder how Jim Carrey will get payed since he says there is no such thing as Jim Carrey. Will they make the check out to “The Atoms, molecules, and matter that some people deem to be Jim Carrey”. If they don’t know who to send it to, I can gladly give them my address.

Hellzora says:

Here because of Myrkur <3

Chris Parkes says:


krishnan srinivasan says:

Impressive 🙂 Jim Awesome 🙂

Mason McGlynn says:

This is an awful trailer but I won’t make judgement until I see the film. Awful editing.

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