DEATH WISH Official Grindhouse Trailer (2018) Bruce Willis, Thriller Movie HD

DEATH WISH Official Grindhouse Trailer (2018) Bruce Willis, Thriller Movie HD
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Jack D says:

Lol, Bruce Willis and Michael Chickliss.

Eternaldarkness3166 says:

I’m just wondering if he actually fights in this…

Jordan Matthews says:

Bruce Willis in a Grindhouse movie seems so fitting.

Matthew Bastyan says:

Bruce really mate do another die hard from the 4th thats wat looking for it just seems ur looking for money man you used to be a good actor just like ur doing stuff for a joke to have your retarment money

Victor Li says:

Does he need money really bad?

ThePhilosopher1748 says:

Whenever I watch the news most of the criminals are black, but Hollywood seems to portray most criminals as white.

Laura Okeson says:

What color was Charles Bronson ?

mo deq says:

Bruce Willis <3



ned block says:

Ok you got me there I want more gore and more brutality to make this a quentino movie

Reggie Lovato says:

So they got the narrator from El Rey Network to narrate this trailer

Canterville says:

This trailer leaves nothing to the imagination are they going to give us anything to watch at the cinema?

Driver6647 says:

I hope he kills a lot of white Americans, just as much as black Americans or Mexican Americans. More importantly, I just hope this German kills a lot of Americans in this movie. Go Bruce!

Benjamin Lucas says:

So Paul Kersey is a doctor now instead of an architect.

Nathan Winchester says:

Hollywood whitewashed Ghost In A Shell and now they are whitewashing Chicago’s black criminals. What up with that?

Laura Okeson says:

Did I see Vincent Dinaprio?

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