ESCAPE FROM CANNIBAL FARM Official Trailer (2018) Thriller Movie HD

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Stevie Cobain says:

wow what a shit movie….didnt even finish it because its sooooo cheesy and the actors are terrible….do NOT waste your time….

Dramatic Dog says:

A dumb movie probably made by a dumb vegan. OOOOh look at me, i am introduced to the movie, the vegan, i’m better than all of you because i’m a vegan(yes this is litteraly how the vegan character introduces herself.) and also later in the movie i save the day from the big bad Meat eater. Also i don’t know how to be subtle so i straight up called the vilain “meat eater” and also the only reason the vegan saves the day is because as you watch the movie you can see everyone is just as dumb as her. Otherwise they would have effortlessely stopped her.

Seriously, if i had been locked in there and everyone around was this retarded i would have been out in 10 minutes tops.
Not to mention the complete lack of physics or anything that would make the movie believable and therefor, scary.

Says a lot about the writters of the movie. I hope it was a fucking parody. PS: don’t watch the movie it’s terrible.

b s says:

Someone (writer, director, and producer) grew up in 80’s when the movie ratings were different and there was a b rating which this fits in to retarded and extreme blood, and gore and screaming and more blood. Usually movies like I’m talking about had probably 20 50 gal metal drums like trash can drums full of blood for movie. No I’m not joking or over stating or exaggerating. It would probably be a movie with a budget of $5k! This and we’ll Hollywood last 5 8 years have been making a ton of real shitty movies. So crapy I wouldn’t even wipe my ass with them after taking a dump. If it looks like crap sounds like crap it’s probably crap. Like this! Which is a good example of a 1980’s b movie

iMariahari says:


Peculiar Child says:


Cess Calala says:

Wasted my time!!!!!!!!

Punch_Bowl_Turd says:

uk version of tx chainsaw massacre wannabe i won’t even watch this for free online.

Eggnogonthebog Productions says:

Looks shit.

bigmikeondabeat1 says:

This poor knock off of Texas chainsaw massacre

Welfrancis Bermas says:


The Fuckerman - GhostGamer - Linko Juice says:

Escape from Cannibal Farm, where have I heard that before?

Oh yeah. Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

Mr Dave says:


Luke Johnson says:

The opening makes you wish the bullies’ faces were burnt off instead.

The Rabbit Hole says:


Cody Johnson says:

What type of low budget letherface rip off peace of shit is this?

Rasmi Ibrahim says:

Disgusting, I hate this type of movies.

كافة المعلومات says:

ارجوو الاشتراك في قناتي

salimm says:

So I guess “Worchestershire Chainsaw Massacre” was’nt an enticing title for this flick then?

Billy Holmes says:

Watching this trailer on my phone gave it phone aids thanks


new texas is back awesome!!!!!!

20 20 says:

Good film up until the end. I do award this film for having the worlds shittest ending ever. WTF was the writers thinking the end ruined it all

Paul Mc C says:

Moronic Turd With Every Cliche In The Book = Yawn

TheGarfieldxx30000 says:

That looks better than Leatherface 2017

SoftComet says:

it was pretty good

Blue Effigy says:



Ha weird af…

MsNick991 says:

Utter shit. The main villain looks like witcher from Disney cartoon with his 30 cent firecracker shotgun,the electricity that can blow your hands off,mediocre acting…I wouldn’t recommend it…

shahran khan says:

Not anyway better than the green inferno! Not gonna watch this movie.

Rexthecarnivore says:

Why didn’t they just say (chainsaw massacre ripoff)

The Fuckerman - GhostGamer - Linko Juice says:

Escape from Cannibal Farm, where have I heard that before?

Oh yeah. Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

كافة المعلومات says:

ارجوو الاشتراك في قناتي

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