ESCAPE ROOM Official Trailer (2019) Deborah Ann Woll, Thriller Movie HD

ESCAPE ROOM Official Trailer (2019) Deborah Ann Woll, Thriller Movie HD
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HazzManBlam! says:

now this is how you make a good looking I wanna say horror/sci-fi/thriller movie

Bautista Bidegaray says:

Es como Cube pero con una escenografia más currada.

Gokul Raghav says:

Fermat’s room….upgraded version 2.0

Leroygle says:

Saw 19

Sevanni Black says:

Every time i hear that song i think of weeds. This makes me not want to go to an escape room. I mean if it looks like an oven dial why turn it?

josue guzman says:

so its a saw remake

Chill Gamer says:

I’m assuming this movie is like “Saw” meets “Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory”, and nobody dies.

Jesse Dishner says:

Not a movie I would watch. Much better reading the plot on Wikipedia.

Sybrand van der Walt says:

Good job Hollywood. Basically copying the Saw saga, and passing it off as an original movie. There you go folks, they did it again. Where the fuck would we be without them..?

Renu Dofe says:

So is this saw or cabin in woods ? Better version what is this ?

That Guy You Know says:

Cube meets Saw

ik ben de duivel says:

looks like the cube

YT LG says:

This is like a tame version of Saw

Davyonn Jewell says:

This is some jigsaw shit

Jogo Lock says:


Brent Dreher says:

So it’s Cube but they go in there willingly?

Irish Red says:

Copying Saw

Car Alvarez Hayes says:

Finishes watching the trailer
Goes down to the comments, looking for a reference to The Cube
Finds it

Raphays Simon says:

its look like some asian movie i saw but i dont remember the name.

Dr Brian King says:

How is this not Saw?

nex grim says:

So Saw with a different name.

Emmanuel Nerbes says:

Its like saw

Shermaine Brown says:

Rip off Saw BS

Vic M says:

Welp, Brown man dies first…..
Hollywood to Black man: You’re welcome.

rockubabe says:

Cube + Saw

J.B. Studios says:

Saw has a cousin

s B says:

movie looks cool…I f***ing hate the song though.

T Movies says:

Nik Dodani is really funny on Atypical & Murphy Brown.

Dalavine says:

Weeds song!

NoodleBoy26 says:

Dilton Doiley?

Jackson Akins says:

the bad effects might ruin it…

Pankaj Singh says:


antimatter says:

“Before time began, there was The Cube.”

NSilencer says:

Can you stop giving us he whole film in the trailer??

t j says:

why does this movie remind me of CUBE

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