Exam movie review (Netflix Thriller)

Exam Movie Review. A Netflix Instant Thriller. We review the best and worst Netflix movies here on WeWatchedAMovie. “Exam” is a 2009 film about eight people trying to get a big time job at a mysterious company but first hey must pass an exam. Of one question. They are locked in a room and given a blank piece of paper and told to answer a question in a matter of hours. Yet nobody knows what question to answer. Let the games begin in this story of deception, mystery, trust, and twists as the eight candidates try to pass the test. It’s a mind twister folks! Anything you want us to watch and review on WeWatchedAMovie? It’s free just tell us! Pick a movie you are curious about and we shall give you the goods. Or tell us about an awesome one you saw, you’d like to see reviewed. Done. For more movie news and reviews including reviews of Netflix films, Redbox films, blu rays, and theatrical releases, even movie spoofs check out our channel here:

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psyenergy1 says:

So happy you guys reviewed this movie and verry glad you liked it 🙂 also you guys had reviewed every movie ive requested you guys are fucking awsome!

WeWatchedAMovie says:

No problem bud let us know what you think!

WeWatchedAMovie says:

No sir, YOU are awesome. Thanks for requesting two good movies!

JohnnyReb8420 says:

still waiting on my invite as a special guest. lol good job, not a bad movie.

WeWatchedAMovie says:

Thanks man! I completely agree with everything you said about the movie, especially the good guy part. I just couldn’t really root for any of them! Awesome man! The Thor review just went up.

WeWatchedAMovie says:

lol awesome sauce, I like your style. If you find a blockbuster going out of business they should have a bunch of those cards and they will give them to you free if they are cool! Thanks man!

WeWatchedAMovie says:

Anytime! You’re choice of movie too, lol

cauwel3 says:

I loved this movie

WeWatchedAMovie says:

It was pretty cool, I’m glad we were told of it

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