“Gerald’s Game” 2017 Netflix Stephen King Thriller Movie Review – The Horror Show

Cecil & Fuego review the brand new Stephen King adaptation available on Netflix, “Gerald’s Game”!


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Hosts: Cecil Laird & Jaime En Fuego
Produced & Edited by Cecil Laird

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Breonnick says:

SPOILERS———–The Moonlight man is one of the creepiest movie monsters ever. Not knowing rather or not if it was fake or a ghost of some kind. Only to discover he’s an actual person that would of killed her if she was a man. That’s terrifying.

Beth S. says:

Highly enjoyed the film and the book. But it’s not a movie I would rewatch. Once was enough.

Madeleine Hernandez says:

Great review! I read the book the week before the movie came out and I loved both! I agree on the fact that the big changes that were made were necessary for the screen! It would just be odd in the film if Ruth o Nora would appear and started talking to Jessie. Also the makeup like you said was really good, with the lips all dry and stuff. I was hoping that the adaptation would be this loyal. Now hoping that 1922 is going to be an awesome adaptation as well!

ZombieAmarth says:

I enjoyed it a lot, I convinced some friends of mine to watch a “horror” movie with me, they are not horror fans and I’m trying ever so slowly to convert them. They enjoyed it as well, so it appeals to non horror as well, which shows great directing and of course writing. I really enjoyed the lighting of the eclipse..having just recently been in the path of the eclipse and seeing a total eclipse brought more of a menacing meaning to that scene as well, there was some strange events and actions people took during it. Enough rambling, as always good review guys!

Anthony Kulik says:

It was ok. I watched it two days ago and feel like i need to rewatch it to give it a fair analysis

Shoot McKay says:

I´ve seen Before I wake. And I was not impressed. It was pretty lame. But this was a LOT better.

DavesHadeNuFF187 says:

Great review guys as always!!! I am really looking forward to this since it is as good as you say.I am a big Stephen King fan,but this one I wasn’t sure of when I heard of the book and seen the trailer for this movie,but with all the reviews I have seen,including your guys.It sounds awesome and can’t wait to see it,just saying.

BanzaiHD says:

Fuego : “super pretty”

Cecile : ….hmm wtf dude…

made me laugh a lot haha

folgar grimm says:

You two are sooo fucking high!

craig Challoner says:

Before I Wake doesn’t quite stick the landing, but for a good hour it’s a brilliantly realised and freaky horror movie

DavesHadeNuFF187 says:

Also great video and channel as always,later buddy.

Neoxin Draws says:

Table cat is amazing. I liked the film, it was good, but was sad, that they have not put more energy into the moonlight man. I was pretty scared reading the book, but in the movie the scenes with him were somehow to fast, to obvious. Thank you for your great review, love your work!

Queen Lady says:

Hello guys, checkout some very very interesting information about Gerald’s Game that everybody MUST know here http://quamiller.com/2roD

Scott Baker says:

One of the best Stephen King adaptations ever done! I don’t think i’ve cringed so much at gore as i did during that one scene… really effective. Great review guys!

eduardo torres says:

I thought this going to be a cool movie but turn out to be great! My dad cringe the gore part, but I was amazed of how effective that part.

Sam Forsyth says:

I just saw Gerald’s game. was very pleasantly surprised. I haven’t read the book, so, no expectations…Thanks for the great discussion about it!

Ham Burgler says:

That movie was dope! Highly recommended!

Gerald Bennet says:

Fuego alluded to the dog being less “intimidating” in the novel? I’ve never read the novel, but if they chose a golden retriever or a cute family dog, would have been even more messed up!

Great review!

Verovet says:

Ok, I’m sold. I’m watching it as soon as I have time lol

Kevin Ketchie says:

100% agree with Cecil on the satisfaction of the Moonlight Man being real. My sister and I keep quoting the courthouse scene, “You’re not real. You’re not real. You’re only made of…….moonlight!” Chills man….CHILLS!

Zachary Haith says:

I liked it for most part with the exception of beating you over the head of the stuff with her dad. That dragged towards the end.

Tiki Balls says:

Giving this one a watch tonight.

Rubber Soul81 says:

Wanna see it!!!

Lα∂у Ƙαι says:

They should adapt The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. I know it’s not people’s favorite but was one of the first audiobooks I listened to as a child at night in my bed. I felt like I was there with Trisha and the part where she see’s a “creature” is and always will be embedded in my mind. The ending I will also never forget. They could do great things with the story.

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