Get Out review: An Important Thriller Movie (SPOILERS)

Get Out is the horror-thriller loaded with social commentary that has everybody talking. From director Jordan Peele and starrign Daniel Kaluuya, this film is a must-watch. Here’s my review!


Sickandtired says:

i hope you get more view

The BåtBøy says:

Oh btw u should have UR OWN GRADING SYSTEM MAN!!!

Jahbari Akua says:

Great review! I’d like to give my opinion on it as well. SPOILER ALERT!

I loved this movie as well (I’m black by the way). It tackled political and racial tensions without using a tone of accusation, but innocent mistakes. Unfortunately, without seeing the movie, speaking about the messages it presents is difficult without coming off as preachy. The environment and characters it created felt real and believable. Although there were a few moments where situations were altered to fit conventional horror movie tropes, I still feel like it managed to be less of a horror movie narrative-wise, and more like the black interpretation of a situation which white people would consider normal. While no well-meaning members of any demographic deserve to receive hatred, we should all be aware of the little things we do and say every day which may have an effect on others, and I think this movie points that out spectacularly. Like you, I have found myself cutting my mother off in discussions, but I have become better at recognizing it directly after I do it, apologizing, or preventing it altogether.

Political and social commentary aside, as a movie, this one is still strong. Every actor and actress play their character with great skill (with the two leads being the strongest, however), and there was not one member of the cast who ruined the seamlessly built immersion for even the shortest moment. The cinematography adds to the way the story is told (you would have to see it to understand what I mean) and, overall makes the movie a pleasure to view. Daniel Kaluuya, in particular, shines in this movie. However, after witnessing him for the first time in the Netflix series “Black Mirror”, I expected no less. He is one of the best actors I’ve ever seen, and his co-star Allison Williams stands alongside him in this movie as well.

This is getting long so I guess I’ll end it here lol.

Ade Sango says:

Cool review, but… Hidden Figures was neither directed, written or produced by a black person so I don’t think it’s accurate to class it as a story from black creators.

alejandromolinac says:

Oh kids and their micro aggressions… Praise the Lord I am GenX…

920mario says:

People under the stairs!!! Classic

Sean Reeves says:

I had a different take on it I guess. I tried liking it just as a horror/comedy purely for entertainment, but couldn’t get past the heavy handed politics. the rich liberal pseudo racist characters were nothing new to me, but it was offensive because everyone white was portrayed to be racist, even by accident for very small reasons. ok. I know what micro aggressions are, it’s something that every race tends to do toward other races. you can’t imagine the shit I’ve been given over the years when around a large group of another race. on purpose and on accident. and the white jokes… the “nicest” micro aggression I probably dealt with was when somebody told me they like riding around with me in their car because I was white and “looked so normal and straight” that it will take attention off of them from the cops. but I never accused my friends of racism for it, unless someone really crossed the line which they usually didn’t. but as for this movie in particular, it was really hard to critique it on a political level as well because everybody in the movie turned out to be Psycho… I feel like it’s kind of cheap and also just weird to try and insert a serious political message into a movie that is also both a horror and a comedy where everyone turns into a psycho.

for example, me:
“they portrayed those white people as really vicious monsters…”

“it’s a horror comedy, of course.”

“oh so they’re skewering the idea that white people are constantly racist and making fun of the lefts PC culture…”

“no they’re drawing attention to a serious issue, micro aggressions make black people’s lives harder.”

” but they made all the white people psychotic criminals… which is it, a movie about a serious issue where the characters actions are to be taken seriously? Or a silly horror comedy where the characters are meant to be ridiculous and not taken seriously? It can’t be both.”

I know that African Americans have complained about stereotypical portrayals in movies for a long time, and I get it. Especially after this movie. ha. in the end this movie was just​ confusing to me. I feel like it fell flat on both a political level and on an entertainment level whereas it could have worked if it had been either one individually. make a drama that draws attention to EVERYBODY’S micro racism and show how we all make the other races feel, or a cool Thriller comedy where people get hypnotized and body swapped but it’s not based on race. don’t just make a weird movie that attacks only white people and cloaks itself in horror and comedy to make it hard to critique. so that’s my take. cheers if you read it all.

Ahksquiat says:

Not sure if this was one of your 3, but the original Night of the Living Dead. I believe that was the first horror film with a black man as the protagonist. Then George Romero did it again with Dawn of the Living Dead.

Planet G says:

Great film, and rated highly as it should be. I feel it may be a fluke from Peele because of the subject matter, he might end up like Rick Famiyuma and only be able to tell race based stories. Hope not.

The BåtBøy says:

What’s ur thoughts on the upcoming Justice league movie

The BåtBøy says:

Don’t ya have any faith in Snyder
He made watchmen and 300

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