HELL FEST Official Trailer (2018) Thriller Movie HD

HELL FEST Official Trailer (2018) Thriller Movie HD
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Saral Thakur says:

Looks fucking overrated.

MadrixOG says:

Such a fucking ripoff to rooster teeth’s bloodfest…

Efods Movies says:

This is actually a really great concept, so I hope the movie is good cause it has a good jumping off point

wacko User"s DEN says:

so he/she was wearing a mask over a mask.

Asylum99 says:

Final Destination, i know what you did last summer and scream. This is the most insulting horror movie of all fucking!! time

JokerCirca66 says:

So this is just like Fright Night at Six Flags ect. I went to it last Halloween and it really is the best time to be at these parks because you get scared on rides and than scared while walking around and the decor is bad ass but sometimes you just get annoyed by these dorks dressed up and they get a bit too close, walk behind you closey and stuff it’s funny because you jump and shout because it’s sometimes so sudden and you want to enjoy yourself but I feel like these dorky idiots don’t get that and they legit think they can scare you sometimes like if ur annoyed after and just laughing walking away and they follow you, it’s like these little gremlins are on the spectrum and socially retarded I swear. One guy followed me giving me devil eyes because he noticed I bopped a wearwolves nose as I walked by, he was just standing in the fog trying to look scary and I just pinched his nose on way by like “Boop got ur nose” and this little freak creeped behind me, I can’t remember what he was saying but I almost wanted to smack the little fucker. Like okay get away douche I’m clearly not actually scared of you go back to scraping the ground with your rake. To be honest the most horrifying thing is the over priced extremely low quality food, paid like 30 bucks for two hamburgers that tasted microwaved.

ZambonieDude says:

Reminds me of the Scream series minus the plot armor, especially with that one actor.

Can’t say i’m not hyped for this one.

AA Qayan says:

Oh look a creepy figure who stands still with their head slightly tilted to the right…… everyone shit their pants…

D e a d P o o l says:

token punk gets her head cut off, boyfriend gets…..hammered and not the fun way, and the final girl, either barely survives or gets saved by someone not in the trailer. There, I just spoiled the entire movie.

Brittany Smith says:

Doctor Satan at 1:20?

Bri Ludwig says:

so a real life version of metalocalypse?

Cassandra Martinez says:

Looks so similar to Rooster Teeth’s Bloodfest that was premiered at SXSW.

StevenM801 says:


Pizza says:

millennials version of Jason

FlamingRoar14 says:

I am officially scared of amusement parks

john says:

I expected hell fest to be like blood fest, instead we get a slasher,

la porte says:

Hum, do they have the right to use the name Hellfest? because it’s the name of an actual fest, of metal music…

Wesoły Grabarz says:

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Jack Mcnamara says:

Same old shit of always

cao Andrew says:

Hell fest

Ben Harrison says:

The Houses that October built with a way better budget and Tony Todd. I’m in! Looks killer.

Wantsumbread says:


Todd Garver says:

Looks fun

。レゴ・エゴ says:

lol this all can be solved if they just walked back out of the park and leave lmao.

Stephen Murphy says:

Oh geez what can one say…..was that Kelly Osborne playing the punk chick….No one involved with this should confess to writing acting including extras, the director cameramen(camerapeople if your Canadian) this means you the viewers.

Nathan Bennett says:

What makes a maskman like that intimidating? The black eye slits perhaps?

Jacob Smith says:

None of its real it’s all part of the show

Hunter Pope says:

Looks terrible and not scary

Judge Dredd says:

The twist is that it really is just a scary park and the protagonists’s friends are in on it.

Cordyceps says:


Rebel Gamer26 says:

Plot twist: their all gonna be alive in the end cause they we’re all just playing a cruel prank on their brunette friend the whole time

tahna dana says:

dont need to see it, its all here

Asylum99 says:

I want to put my FIST in the person who made this shity!! crap!!!

Precisely Accurate says:

I think at the end it’s a twist and it turns out the whole thing was an act because it’s the theme park it’s just what the director wants you to think

Math Bay says:

now Audrey Jensen gets to die

Pierré - says:

It’s obvious that the women will kill the murder…

Youssef Samy says:

please anyone follow me on instagram at youssef.samy

Redd Wolf says:

Now this looks really good.

Haley Rose says:

When does this come out

Xavier Gowon says:

This looks promising

Funny cool things says:

Now this is a real trailer

Hannah Cameron says:

Is this like the Devil’s Carnival with Emilie Autumn?

Ocelot4R says:

“It’s fun going in…It’s hell getting out”. Lol how did this sound good to whoever came up with this crappy line?

Tristen Moore says:

This movie reminds me of Tobe Hooper’s The Funhouse.

ryang58 says:

God they gave a lot away in the trailer… now we know who dies

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