Horror Thriller Review The Invitation (2015)

YASSS! So many great movies out this month, If you haven’t seen the new horror thriller The Invitation (2015) – here’s what I thought!

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Wes Fry says:

I’ll totally check this out!
I love the kind of horrors where you can’t tell who’s crazy (kind of like an unreliable narrator)
Great video!

Wolverine Scratch says:

OMG you totally slaying in this video

stevie mcdonald says:

I had to stop the video halfway cause I want to watch if and I didn’t want to hear the spoiler.

Scotty Darko says:

Cool beans! I don’t mind watching a straight forward movie because I watch a lot of movies with twist parts so I guess I can give my brain a rest. Awesome review Emma 🙂

drakes hairline says:

love this channel

Macktastic7 says:

I fucking loved this movie. Went into it completely blind and came out pleasantly satisfied!

RennyLFC says:

This was a good movie. Simple setup but really well done.

Khue Lor says:


Just saw the film, great film and review! But did you think that doorbell in the middle of the movie was actually another person trying to escape the cult from another house and trying to go to a neighbor for help but ended up at the place where the movie took place?

Random TV says:

Good one Emma I haven’t seen or heard of this film but now that I’ve heard of it I will have to meet the time to watch it.

Makhirot Baltere Ragzsaft says:

Nothing extraordinary.

Martin Rafter says:

Movie was too boring for me

Official Zz says:

Awesome review and channel! I have never heard about this thriller horror type film but it sounds interesting. Two years is quite a long time that they did not hear from each other. It does look like a simple done type movie. It is pretty easy to scream at a television lol. Take care! It does look predictable. 🙂

Raven House Mystery says:

I finally saw this film last night. I did enjoy it more for the paranoia and tension it built up rather than the story. The twist with Choi (Korean boyfriend) was especially well done. A perfect move to lower your guard before the next horrific twist. I thought the final scene with all the red lanterns was maybe a bit much. The story also reminded me of the Heaven’s Gate tragedy in 1995, especially with the leader on the invitation video.

Felicia Pulo says:

I’m not sure about the idea that “there was nothing there that shouldn’t have been there.” I feel like I would’ve enjoyed the film more if they reached the horror sooner instead of right tight at the end. Although I greatly apperciated a lot of the foreshadowing of what the horror was going to be (e.g. the coyote and the video), I think some of the red herring moments weren’t completely necessary (e.g. Troy). Also, cool fact about Sadie! That suits the film perfectly and is something I didn’t pick up on until you pointed it out! I tried to keep my comment spoiler-free so I’m sorry if some things are vague!

Jacob Reviews Movies says:

Whoa, that’s scary…I just uploaded my review for this movie a couple hours ago. I agree, this was a great film. Love the little tidbit where you give a little bit of trivia, it’s interesting stuff. Great video as always!

MrMoviesETC says:

Hmmm…this one must have slipped under my radar. Doesn’t look like it’s on Netflix, but I’m super curious now so I’ll have to do some digging. Great review, Emma!

Peter Weeg says:

Could you do A review of ‘John dies at the end’?

Dee San Key says:

Funny, I just added this movie into my “Random Frights movie to review bag” along with many other newer horror titles. I’ve heard a lot of mixed stuff about this movie. Also, please tell me you’re going to do an April Favourites video!! I really liked the March one haha.

serian24 says:

I fucking love this movie. The director is brilliant. The angles, the lighting….oh my and the acting?! Fucking awesome. This was far better than what I thought it would be. The ending?! Superb! A stand out.

Austin Putnam says:

Been hearing great things about this one! Gonna check it out soon! Great review Emma! 🙂

FX Reflex says:

this seems interesting 🙂 great review

Ryan M says:

I caught this one at the Stanley Film Festival last year and absolutely loved it. The way Kusama builds tension until the final act was phenomenal. This would make a great double feature with Coherence.

The Reel Review says:

I felt like this movie missed the chance to be good at several turns, and so overall I didn’t rate it, but I wanted to tell you that if you like this kind of ‘dinner table chatty’ with a weird element thing, you HAVE to see Coherence if you haven’t seen it already. I think it’s the most underrated movie of the 21st century, or possibly ever.

bundoz says:

Love this movie! An absolute bullseye in every department IMO. Saw it at a film fest without knowing anything about it pre-screening. By the time we got to the pay-off (mere moments before the end credits roll) our jaws were on the floor. A great movie and a good review Emma. Kudos 🙂

Samuel Stark says:

The reason I enjoyed the movie was because where most horror movies the characters make dumb decisions, the main character of this keeps his wits through the whole thing and makes choices the audience would want him to make. Loved the review too, subscribed!

Bluray Dan says:

Great review, Spooky! I haven’t heard about this one before this so I’m looking forward to checking it out. Love the way you do your videos. Keep up the great work!

Stephen Malovski says:

I enjoyed watching the INVITATION and have to say the premise and the feel of the film kinda reminded me of the BURBS! If you’ve seen it you will know what I mean, not that the films are similar actually its quite the opposite because the BURBS is a comedy that is almost a horror parody of some sort that makes the viewer wonder who is more crazy those that are presented as protagonists or the antagonists of the film! Anyway thought a lot of the BURBS and I rewatched it right after this film! Would love to hear your thought about that film!

HandSome_AssWhole says:

this film was ok, but very overrated. it started off boring…and things don’t pick up till damn near close to the end. felt more like a thriller drama,not horror. and wassup with the red lamps?  I was left confused..was everyone in a cult or something?

dennis wintberg says:

do a review on cannibal holocaust 😀 if people want to be scared

Rob Mann says:

On an unrelated matter; have you seen 10 Rillington Place (1971)? If not, check it out.

yaznool says:

Logan Marshall-Green was great in this movie! His best performance? 🙂

rustinpeace1992 says:

Great video, Will check this out

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