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Nola1176 says:

Thanks for this one.  Looking forward to seeing it.

TheSuiciety says:

It left me unfulfilled in the end. And towards the end, it got a bit silly in contrast to the establishing of mood and tone in the first half of the film. At times you didnt know how to take it. And Eugene aspect of the story was stupid in its concept and execution and he seemed more of a characiture. Its like a lot of Australian and NZ films, they are ambitious but the lack the budget to execute convincingly. So often they succeed very well in some areas, but where it lacks lets down the whole film.

BrendoSenpai says:

im with you on Tucker & Dale vs. Evil it wasnt funny and i didnt like it 
i also agree with you on this movie even though it takes me a while to fully remember how this movie rolled out i do remember really liking it.
some other horror comedies i really enjoyed are The Revenant, Dog House, Dead Heads, Juan of the Dead, Cockneys Vs Zombies theyre all worth a look at too if your interested in some gory laughs

Kuddlesworth NA says:

I really loved it.

Ben Covarrubias says:

To me, it really was like Disturbia meets People under the stairs. But overall I loved it. I’m glad I didn’t watch the trailers.

Silver Punk says:

You didn’t like tucker and dale??!! What’s wrong with you?

ListenToLindsay says:

Nooooooooooo! I love watching your reviews – but my heart just broke when you said you didn’t like tucker and dale vs evil! Nooooooooooo cauwel3 say it ain’t so!

Premium Nostalgia says:

yeah that dale and tucker vs evil shit tried WAY to fucking hard to be funny, and it failed. i dont like horror comedies in general and that is like the worst offender..

Mladen Kulic says:

the main character was a little annoying,not a lot,little annoying.
I really enjoyed watching this horror,after seeing a couple of stupid horror movies,it was a breath of fresh air.

Juan Valenzuela says:

You’re right, horror comedies must be difficult. Might check this out.

Vincent Baine says:

I liked Housebound very much! It starts off as a haunting investigation, then turns into something quite different and compelling. I enjoyed the key characters, all of whom I felt had excellent chemistry as a cast. As the sparse bit of humor (mostly belonging to the part of the mother) is quite dry, I wouldn’t classify this to be a horror comedy. Nice pacing, too, with no lulls.

Joanna Rose says:

I don’t know if this flick was so overhyped that I was expecting more, but I was disappointed after viewing.  I am not a fan of horror comedy either, but this movie was actually decent in the dark humor particular sense.  I did appreciate the fact that they go from one horror genre to another midway through the movie and the characters were well fleshed out/great dialogue, but I thought the first half of the movie was completely boring. I agree that the running time was super long!

TheMovieBrosXD says:

Can you review killers 2014

Mona Essa says:

This is the best horror comedy film ever made

Negan says:

I’m different I liked tucker and dale vs evil but I didn’t really like this movie

Stemage says:

stoked about this one

Insanity Gaming says:

I found it on Blu-Ray for $5 dollars now I think I’m gonna pick it up. Thx

Dominic Nicholson says:

I fucking hated Dale and Tucker vs evil. Love this though. You are my new go to guy for horror. Cracking reviews.

TheSuiciety says:

As a footnote, you need to see Mad Max if you havent.

Crystal W says:

Loved this movie!

Emerald Pride says:

Sounds good, I think I’ll check it out.

Squiggly667 says:

Yes, enjoyed this one. I’ve seen a few Kiwi horror-comedy films. Where they do seem to excel is in character building. Something that seems to be sorely lacking for many films within the horror genre. I’d rather a bit of a slow burn beginning to a film in order to establish characters and motivation. Rather than the nameless faceless stereotypes we tend to get in order to move things forward more briskly. Because it’s difficult to invest yourself into yet another series of one dimensional stereotypes.

David Koenig says:

I have to see this film now…I keep passing on it and everybody is saying it is a must watch….

ViewWorldCinema says:

Awesome stuff mate! What We Do in the Shadows is another New Zealand Horror Comedy that comes with huge praise. I am going to be watching that one very soon!  As for Housebound, it comes out next month so i will definitely get it! Great work, my friend! 

Moodz616 says:

I’m surprised you liked this one. You obviously know how how I loved this flick. Wow, you didn’t like Tucker and Dale, thats stunning! LOL, see now this is funny, I can’t stand Shawn of the Dead, to each its own right??? LOL, great stuff, I dig the hell out of this flick, I really can’t say anything bad about this one at all…Cheers Joe!

Rawthentic says:

Hi, i enjoy your reviews. I really liked this film too. It’s from new zealand i believe. Have you seen another NZ film titled The Devils Rock? NZ and Australia really make some good horror films.

Yesman says:

I just finished watching it on Netlifx and I really, really enjoyed it! Horror being my favorite genre I’m normally hard on horror movies but this one was actually enjoyable. Only thing is I didn’t like was how hostile Morgana was being, but they explained that towards the end fairly well with a heart warming undertone.

Leah R says:

I just saw this 2 days ago. I was going to recommend it to you. As usual, here you are with another spot on review.

aindriu obeirne says:

ye cool movie,reminded me a lot of peter jacksons “the frightners” .The two female leads where great and virtually no jump scares.

Lookie! says:

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Torque the prisoner says:

dead heads is a good zombie comedy movie.

TheMovieBrosXD says:

Also review Kill List great movie

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