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Here is the review of Irumbu Thirai by Behindwoods Review Board.

Irumbu Thirai is an action thriller film directed by P. S. Mithran. The film features Vishal, Arjun and Samantha Akkineni in the lead roles, with Yuvan Shankar Raja composing the soundtrack. Produced by Vishal Film Factory, It is dubbed into Telugu as Abhimanyudu.

Irumbu Thirai trailer’s got a great response before the release. The movie talks about the digital crimes.

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Mohamed Hamith says:

400 mark yedhuku…

satheesh kumar says:


Ramesh S says:

Movie Pathi correct ah sonnenga semmaya sonnenga I like u. Ipothan movie pathutu unga review pakkuran yena ungala pudikum.neenga sonna Mari visual is back. And I love arjun

pranav vardhan says:

blue sattai review than pa mass

Mani Kandan says:

Arjun sir acting awesome

Vigy Boss says:

Arjun mass

Martin Daniel says:

Action king is the real king

Siva Subash says:

Avg movie ……..not valid review….bt gud study

Kaala Tamil says:

Tomorrow going

karthik raj says:

#maathevan #BehindwoodsTv… Why you always give less marks for experimentation ? Kindly let me know ..
What do you mean by experimentation ??

Ganesh Ananth says:

As many of you said it is a very good movie. I saw the movie! Screenplay was good! However I found following informations wrongly conveyed to the people!
1. Flight ticket QR code scan will show only name and seat number, and airport scanners only do this not mobile scanners. They show in the movie can see all personal details including credit card details
2. Third person can’t block sms from the bank to a person without accessing his mobile.
3. They never show how arjun cheated using digital signature. They often said using online transactions transfer the money. It is impossible to do like that. Our banks has many secured steps before do that.
4.aadhar card, and other documents copies taken from xerox shop can be mis used they said, but shop owners can sell to someone. That someone can only use their data for marketing not cheating. If they can cheat using data in movie they should show how. Don’t tell 2 hours is not enough to show.
5.this movie has so many logical mistakes. Which may convey this society digital India is not safe. I agree there are lot of scams using digital media but they didn’t show that. For example
Vikram prabhu, sigaram thodu movie they showed what is practically possible. And created a awareness
6.Army does have IT sector. But it does not not access to check someone’s bank details and their summary.
If you guys find any of above things are incorrect please comment.

Hollywood Cinemas says:

Irattu arayil irumbu thirai

Hariramesh Ramesh says:

True review bro

cabha jesus says:

action king masa ….pakka Mass. I’m proud to action king ARJUN fan


En paa fast eh pesira 2mins review maathiri irruku

Ramesh S says:

Semmaya angoring pantrenga

Jagadish P says:

This movie mostly mentioned about smartphones & database hacks. These kinda scams & hacks have been happening for years in a common man’s life via scam emails, messages, click baits on websites, chats, open wifi, fb,whatsapp, people using webcam with home PC, laptop, ipad, smartwatch, smart travel gears and any camera enabled smart device with internet & GPS(even while switched off) by hackers & some country’s Government’s top secret agencies(like Obama’s CIA & NSA) to confront terrorism, smuggling, money laundering & other illegal activities happening around the world. They can look through anyone’s personal info anywhere and at anytime. Our privacy has been fully compromised since the digital era. There are similar biopic movies in english on cybercrime like Snowden, Citizenfour & the fifth state.
Let’s try to keep our private life off social media & be safe!

Mr Tamilan says:

nalla padam good massage

T Thameem Thameem says:

Adhar card and Digital India Pathi nalla vachu senjutapula director
Very nice Experience…. In this movie
Padam starting LA irunthu Ella audience um screen kula irukanga

Hashi Kodambi says:

Nanba ungalea rombba pudichirikk…..

Hollywood Cinemas says:

First time tamil padatha explain panumna kandipa irumbu thiraiya pathi thaan pananum

Ajith Kumar says:

The movie rating pathingana 5kku 4. 9kudukkalam antha alavukku semma movie.. This movie blockbuster aaga valthukkal

ganesan k says:


Tamil Selvi says:

Neenga ippadi sollringa but prasath anna padam nalla illa nu sollraru nanga edha namburadhu bro!!

Mr. Tamizhan says:

Wow… Semma review..
Now.. I interested to watch this movie…

Ak Ak says:

super movie

harry joseph says:

Puratchi thalapathy!!!!!!!!!!!

Manivannan D says:

Super movie gethu pa

Ajith Kumar says:

Super mass movie action king arjun is mass acting

Abu Saddique says:

youvan da

Harsha Prabakaran says:

Puratchi thalapathy Vishal daaa

Gemini 1983 says:

I am not a computer geek, but very much aware of this digital media platform being a common man, so there is nothing to see and learn from cinema, there are 1000 of you tube videos in any topic, Cinema is only to entertain not teach people.

VANUJAN VFC தளபதி ரசிகன்டா says:

Super Movie Bro

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