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Keeping Rosy – Drama Film, Thriller Movie, Entire Film, Full Length, English Flick, Watch Online For Free And In High Definition.

Keeping Rosy (2014):
Director: Steve Reeves
Writers: Mike Oughton, Steve Reeves
Stars: Maxine Peake, Brooke Skylar Baptist, Delta Storm Baptist
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Runtime: 1h 33min
Country: USA, UK
Language: English
Release Date: 27 June 2014 (UK)
Filming Locations: Canary Wharf, Isle of Dogs, London, England, UK

“Charlotte is a woman who is completely defined by her career. All she wants from life is to be cut a slice of the media agency she has devoted herself to building. However, the fragility of her perfect existence is exposed when, after finding out she’s been betrayed in the boardroom, she returns home and takes her anger out on her cleaner. As Charlotte’s life disintegrates, we follow her on a heart-racing journey of self-discovery, atonement and danger as she fights for a future that is rosy… “

“I have to say I was completely blown away by this film. So affected, that this is actually my first ever review. I hadn’t heard anything about it, and I’m glad I didn’t. Dark, bleak and shocking, it’s not an easy film to watch by any means. Superbly directed with an understated hand, the viewer is drawn into the clean, sterile and ultimately lonely world of ‘Char’. Maxine Peake was just outstanding in her portrayal of a career woman, with nothing in her life but her job, and when she loses that, her life starts to spiral out of control. I usually hate ‘career women are bitter and empty’ type films, but not once did I not believe in her. She isn’t some stereotype, but a real person, living a real life, rich in money, yet poor in the things that make life worth living. Sure, she’s not a sympathetic character to start with but as she loses control she discovers her own humanity. The last minutes of the film left me open mouthed with shock, and yet oddly satisfied. Highly recommended if you like your drama nuanced, with no easy answers..” Written By cageybird.


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Pamela Brunner says:

Long movie but a great time killer. Excellent ending. Thank you for the up load.

Christine P says:

Yes, unusual, great movie…it really capture the moment, where the unexpected lurks, inexorably…well done…!

Stephanie Noblett says:

This is why I love British cinema, the delivery, the plot and of course the actors who take us on the journey. Simply amazing….thank you……..this a standout!!!!!!

Alex Kennedy says:

This is a really good film. Maxine Peake (Shameless, Silks) was excellent as usual. I would recommend this film to people who like films about dilemmas and want to watch something that has not been generated by Hollywood. All of the performances are excellent. Thanks very much for the upload.

Ronnie Fly says:


Andy Mangele says:

Not a bad plot – not a bad plot at all! 😉

dafodilist says:

Thanks for film, very sad.

Rose Garcia Rodriguez says:

Great movie!

Kent Krueger says:

Slow start, then it becomes ridiculous. First, no way she could lift that body. Next, she lives in what? London? Where her vehicle is tracked& taxed. Then throws the body into the Thames when she knows it’s low tide?
Just not credible…

Jahangir Alam says:


Annie Grace Cambia says:

worth watching! every scene is nail biting. Thanks a lot..

Belinda Cole says:

Oh Man….couldn’t you have had her hanging on to the balcony or something. Fabulous except for that

Daisy Cassidy says:


Darlene Smith says:


Naomi Payne says:

Stufn brilliant..ending was… the planet…well done..

Barbara Strand says:

Cannot finish. The poor child (actor) never given a single bottle yet survives just fine. No one questions it like “give the child a bottle” RIDICULOUS!

sunny skies says:

Brilliant movie & to think the whole time Charlotte is disposing Maya’s body, her toddler is sitting quietly in the car seat of her mom’s car… Highly Recommended 2 Thumbs Up

cherie cryne says:

Bless that child just wanna hold her forever

Tracy Brooks says:


Barbara Strand says:

Half way in. Please give Rosy a bottle!

33bien says:

hard rock in dramas

Blu Outlaw says:

Wonderfully dreadful movie. Beautiful, yet horrid plot. Great movie. I appreciate it for all the suspense and the emotion stirred. Thank you.

Darcy M. Royce says:

thls ls superb

Maggie_the_Happy_ Reaper says:

Simple but interesting

Bernice Hall says:

Wow! Awesome movie Should have more likes

arnold gucciking says:

nice ending

Kirsten Holgersen says:

just loved this movie

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