LAKE ALICE Official Trailer (2017) Thriller Movie HD

LAKE ALICE Official Trailer (2017) Thriller Movie HD
© 2017 – Breaking Glass Pictures

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totokawa31 says:


Dianne O'Hara says:

OMG….you don’t like it,don’t watch it. Let the rest of us make up our own minds and quit moaning. Otherwise shoot your own damn movies.

Lise Morin says:

Doll complex teach purple lovely pro separation package name.

EJ Padua says:

Uh, based on the trailer, nothing scary or thrilling. Or is it just boring?

Issei hyoudou says:

wheres the lake?

vinohn says:

Onision has a similar mask! :O

elemental kingdom says:

Hoodie is that you(creepy pasta)

here come dat boi says:

Movie could be shit, but hey atleast the killer looks badass

Mayke Eekhof says:

A horror movie about a fucking sock puppet

Mr Alien says:

Alice angel!!

Kyle McMurray says:


Mushroom Head says:

Lake Alice? Alice? Who the fuck is Alice?

Victor x yuri says:

Scary movies need more jump scares

Lithuania Tester says:

Another piece of shit. Cmon dont you have no mores ideas?

Lion Bis says:

Well I am not surprised cause it’s from breaking glass pictures.

Rafa Hedlund says:

Eita quem é brasileiro curti

TheRumChum says:

now kids will know what happends if u dont obey mom

Bruce Almighty says:

Is that the same Hit man, Hillary Clinton uses?

Bhupesh Balmik says:

a real horror.

Xavier Gamer says:

At one point in the trailer I was scratching my balls eventually I was scared so bad I almost ripped em off

CrazyLazyRabbit says:

Wow here we go again some family goes some were its fucken snowing and teenagers are fucking each other wnd going home were a fucken murder ass son of a bitch with a mask going FUCKEN BF1 MACE STYLE ON THEM



Silver Fox Sprout says:

copy of jason burhies????????

YoungInnovater says:

it must be ryan cuz hes filming at the begging and the masked pussy is to

The Gaming Lane says:

pros: the murderer looks pretty cool
con: yes

Molnár Márton says:

Anomaly is that you?

Captain Entertainment TV says:

0:16 Dead! They’re so dead.

Jack Ben says:

tries to be a combination of sinister and snowman, damn wheres the trashcan.

Brb cracking open a cold one with the boys nibba says:

Well I had to pee but now I’m scared to go to the bathroom

Dino_Doodles says:

Totally not ripping off
Friday the 13th

Broc L says:

Oh no a guy in a mask. Whatever shall we do?

Dominik Matus says:

full of jason 😀

El Patto says:

Sees person with a knife

Stands in front of door screaming.

% 2Masky says:

0:32 can’t believe they used that sound affect and the killer is a ripoff of Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers

jacob davis says:

freeze protect departure these computer resolution weigh across ghost.

Malfunction says:

Ok, the killer is a dude in a jacket and a ski mask. Big whoop. Shoot him.

Oh wait, this is gonna be one of those horror movies where guns practically don’t exist and the protagonists act like morons, isn’t it.

Leo Gomes says:

Worst fucking movie of this year.

HoneyB SweetNectar says:


What's Slouchen says:

Just watched the movie and it sucked sooooo bad

Isak Strömberg says:

bad acting

The Wednesday Dude says:


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