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Christian rivera says:

i was just watching the movie and you can see one of the camera me in one of the scenes

Ashlynne Renae says:

its really good. beefed up version of the hash-slining-slasher lol. I liked it.

A A R O N V I L L A L O B O S says:

Just saw the movie and boy i thought it was Great!! Creepy af the whole way thru, just really hated the ending man… Made NO sense to me. Wtf happened ?

TheKeggie says:

Also, will you be reviewing ‘Deathgasm’ soon? It is yet another “horror comedy” but i’m hearing good things about it and it does use practical effects so that’s a plus.

AlabasterSmudge says:

Your review makes me want to see it.

Christopher Vansaghi says:

Sometimes I enjoy these cliches. Supernatural at a police station (the people who are supposed to protect you) is terrifying. The hooker was real random. Ha Liked this movie. Good review man.

Makeup Frenzy says:

The makeup in this movie rocked, the movie kept me interested too!

David Villarreal says:

literally just saw

ViewWorldCinema says:

Great review mate! I recorded my review yesterday but havent uploaded it yet. We share pretty much the same sort of opinion! 🙂

Alex Melhuish says:

I just watched it. I thought it was pretty good

Kerry Smart says:

just finished the movie. I liked it. I’ve definatly seen a lot worse. I had one or two roll of the eyes, but overall Last Shift gets a thumbs up. 7/10. great review too BTW.

Rodimus Prime says:

most horror movies today dont get it right,at least haunted house movies. they show EVERYTHING from ALL ANGLES,nothing left to the imagination anymore. and the endings are all the same. why cant hollywood think out side the box. always the same bullshit endings..

Ellis Perry says:

loving your videos. keep creating great content.

Shane Couto says:

I feel like this guy is doing a review on the trailer. She DID try to get backup and she was completely neglected. This was also her FIRST shift. In my opinion, this movie does horror real well. If you actually PAY ATTENTION, you’ll know she’s a rookie, therefore there’s a higher possibility of someone relating to the character. I get this guy has a different opinion, but some of the things that he said were unclear, actually are clearly explained.
I watched the trailer again and I’m seriously sure this guy only did a review on that.

Barefootloose Style says:

I don’t get how all this stuff is happening with the homeless guy and the paranormal stuff and she just goes back to sitting at the desk reading her book like it’s nothing. I liked it overall though.

Scott Serson says:

I saw this movie on YouTube

LAUS art says:


TheKeggie says:

Great review, i definitely agree that the film needed a few more drafts to iron out its many flaws. What i didn’t understand is why did they introduce the hooker and the tramp into the story only for them to serve absolutely no purpose. It was also a terrible idea to show the cult members especially the leader as he didn’t look threatening or scary at all. SPOILERS!!! Now the ending implies that she was unstable from the very start due to her father recently dying and imagined all the strange stuff she saw…this could have been interesting but it makes no sense in the context of the film. In the end, they should have just made a balls out ‘Assault on Precinct 13’ clone replacing gangsters for monsters and have the police woman, the tramp and the hooker team up together to fight off the monsters till dawn.

Byron Washington says:

this movie actually scared me. did it’s job lol

Natalie Markey says:

Sounds like a gd movie!! Need to watch it!! Lol love ur videos!

Fábio Monteiro says:

Cauwel3, are you going to review “The Martian”? It seems like its a very good film

Bogdan says:

this movie is a big POS

Matt Millah says:

liked it. LIKED it. and I would totally recommend it.
You’re not the first reviewer to kind of brush this indie off. I would say, being a person who watches a lot of horror films, this was pretty good.
not so hard. just say…. it’s pretty good.

ok review. I will watch more.

Game Drop says:

this is a shitty shitty movie

Booze 'N Boos says:

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! Certainly nothing new in the horror genre, but overall it was executed well for being a mostly single person cast. Certainly a much better movie with a drink in hand!

Domzdream says:

I thought it was pretty cool, except…geezus, what the FUCK would make her run out the bloody police station????!!!!! After the first incident, I’d be gone! fuck… that!
And it was a but like, ok, now we have the stacking chairs gig (which is a rip off from Poltergeist). Then she sees a body dragging and then standing like a puppet… but nope! she still hangs around. Talk about dedicated to her job! It was like a check list of scare gags, one on top of the other, and it just cheapened the scares.
I must say, the scariest scene (and most innocuous one) was where the fellow officer shows up, has a conversation with her, turns around and leaves, but shows a giant hole in the back of his head). That gave me chills man.
But see? Minimal stuff! Nothing special. Just timing, and some good old fashioned BASIC filming. No CGI necessary. Or pale looking faces. Or brunette little girls with bowed heads, black drooping hair.

Shane Couto says:

Stopped listening when you said it was slow. This movie, as far as horror movies go is one of the fastest starting ones I’ve seen. The first 10 minutes are of creepy atmosphere, the next 10 contains 3 jump scares and the creepy hobo. And the flashlight scene. Wtf?

dunhill1 says:

Were we to believe she was psychotic and imagined all the walking dead bodies and supernatural shenanigans?  Did she imagine that “dead girl” kept calling?  Or was the Police Station really haunted as shown?  Did she trick herself into thinking that the cleaning crew were walking corpses and so that’s why she shot them all dead?  Did she then die at the end when her superior came in and shot her to stop her from killing all the cleaning crew members?  Kind of confusing.

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