LIZZIE Official Trailer (2018) Kristen Stewart, Chloë Sevigny, Thriller Movie HD

LIZZIE Official Trailer (2018) Kristen Stewart, Chloë Sevigny, Thriller Movie HD
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bedgy and awkward says:


James says:

Chloe Sevigny better get an Oscar for this

Jetto says:

will keep the DOOR OPEN.

Lizzy Darcy says:

yea…looks like garbage

Dhanveer Aukala says:


Bambooze says:

The series that came out was pretty d o pe too

Amy Tazzik says:

I love ❤️ Kristen Stewart ❤

Jason Ludwig says:

Inspired by the events that are based on an unforgettable story so incredible that you won’t believe it because it’s mostly not true!

And. Lesbians.

Brooke McElhaney says:


Christopher Frost says:

Stewart doing what she does best, showing no emotion and staring blankly

Dog文凯High says:

The Question is do I wait to watch the movie, or do I just look up the real story on Wikipedia?

disposableproduction says:

Oh the stupidity abounds. The trailer is about as lack luster as it gets and it probably contained all the good scenes in the movie

Kelly KitKat says:

Honor thy parents …. it helps to know who your parents are. A father is he who brings you to His Word. This word, of, means, from, or belonging to. And this word, so, means, in this manner. See, john 3:16, kjv. And a mother is she who desires, encourages, you to be, and remain, faithful, to His Word. Jesus Christ is the Word made flesh. Mary is Our Mother, (She desires we, the Church, and Bride-to-be if not all are castaway, be faithful to Him) and God, is Our Father, for as Jesus said, no man can come to him save God draw him. The Rosary, (like the divinely-inspired works by Da Vinci or Botticelli) does not belong to the Vatican Inc., but to all who desire it. Some things are useful – for meditation, ir for chopping trees. But are they necessary? See, john 6:44, kjv. That said :
Lizzie Borden took an axe
And gave her mother forty whacks.
When she saw what she had done,
She gave her father forty-one.
…. may not be true.

hesicast says:

Wow they are saying that Lizzy was a lezzy and that’s why she killed? Lgbtq should be on this!!!

Tiki80 says:

Since when was lizzie borden lesbian????

Young Lion says:

2:01 Don’t catch you slipping now. Police be tripping now.

Andres Moreno says:

Theres no other movie I feel interested the most. Chloe Sevigny the coolest girl in the world

Ryan Ocerus says:

Seems like a paint-by-numbers plot. Plus, Lizzie Borden more than likely didn’t do it. It was an immigrant farmhand that was disgruntled with her parents, as well as another well-to-do couple whom he also murdered with a hatchet before her trial even took place. The police were just inept at their jobs by connecting something that should’ve been. The farmhand either didn’t kill Lizzie because zero beef and so didn’t wake her or he just didn’t wake her and had zero idea she was also in the house. Likely, he saw her, being that she was on the second, her father on the first, and her mother on the third. According to the wounds, there was immediate collapsing of each victim’s skulls, so hardly a sound was made, most likely. At least not enough to wake their daughter. Though Lizzie’s testimony was that she awoke from a loud thud, most likely due to her mother standing when she was hit with the ax. (Lizzie’s testimony did change, not helping her case.) Which made her mother the second victim, being that not only was the father asleep and lying down, but was doing so on the first floor. So he might’ve just skipped second floor, knowing where their room was, or heard her mother, being that she was awake, and walked right past Lizzie as she slept in her room. I mean, our common sense now would make us better detectives than those asshats. No blood on her (try hitting dry dirt beneath your feet and getting nothing on you) and no murder weapon, save an ax head found in the basement that was an attempt at evidence, but was rusted and not probable in its condition to have been broken up or aged in such a way.

michael cham says:

Saban make scary movie

Ramya Sri says:

Music.. mann…

Chris Fogarty says:

looks like shit

alex w says:

this is coming out 1 day before my birthday and i just want to thank my guardian angel

Darrell Apfel says:

So Lizzie Borden is now a lesbian feminist heroine now.

Deb Terry says:

Why does everything have to have a gay twist to it these days…. Its getting so boring……

PatrickMCcolley says:

Lizzie as in lezbo

stryfetc1 says:

They are still putting her in movies?….she’s got one speed….sullen angst.

Zach Antle says:

I’m a gay guy, and a story about manipulative murderer lesbians is just the image gay people want for themselves 😀 there really is such a thing as taking your agenda way too far, liberal or not, and literally rewriting history to make it more marketable to gullible fools in this mess of a political climate we have is one of them. Give me a fucking break.

WHATWHAT willis says:

fuck, when did the lesbian thing came? how can the prove that?

Amy G says:


Monster M says:

Yes! Kristen with Chloë Sevigny. I loved her in AHS.

Legion says:

More anti-male SJW propaganda and revisionist history!
Lizzie Bordan was very close to her father, he was a good man!

busywl69 says:


bedgy and awkward says:

Kristen’s Irish accent is on point

Norma Paltican says:

Omg,Kristen is so beautiful.her skin so flawless.

Fatou Balde says:

I just finished reading Lizzie and can’t wait for this

daarvin charles says:

Зачморили Кристен Стюарт до такой степени, что она стала играть некрасивых, чмошных баб, несмотря на то, что сама красавица. И не стыдно вам!

Melissa B says:

Looks amazing!

Matt Hardy says:

Omfg looks stupid. Enough with the female empowerment movies already!

N. J. Saroff says:

Oh fun yes

abel carreon says:

I’m suprised Kristen Stewart is still getting hired.

Jessie says:

I’m glad they went with this music for the trailer instead of a bunch of kids singing the Lizzie Borden nursery rhyme slowed down at a creepy pace which seems to be the trend in movie trailers now.

mikes5637 says:

Lizzie Borden took an axe
And gave her father forty whacks…

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