Mercury review by Baradwaj Rangan | Karthik Subbaraj, Prabhu Deva

Mercury is a horror thriller film written and directed by Karthik Subbaraj. It is also being referred to as “silent film”, but actually is a sound film which lacks in dialogues.It stars an ensemble cast including Prabhu Deva, Sananth Reddy, Remya Nambeesan, Deepak Paramesh, Shashank Purushotham, Anish Padmanabhan, Indhuja and Gajaraj. S. Tirru was hired as the cinematographer after his recent work on Vanamagan, his first collaboration with Karthik Subbaraj.

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baskar settu says:

Nice speech

Media 360 says:

olaratha mokka padam ithu po poi seathu po….

Mercil Saravanan says:

You are awesome , reviewers should learn from you!!

KARTHEEK234 says:

Sir, you should have reviewed the movie in English as the same movie is released all over India. The movie itself does not have any Tamil dialogues na.. 🙂

rammohan ragu says:

Super review sir

Abhinav Manoj says:

English matum ila ji unga tamizh rombha Nala iruke

Anurag Nair says:

English subtitles please

Bhaskar V says:

Very friendly conversational breezy review by BR !!! The points of critiquing also come across in a pleasant way. BR , shows once again, how to do the online quicky reviews with a sense of class, responsibility in a engaging way. No wonder BR fans will love this format also.

Asif Dash says:

What you deliver shouldn’t be forgot over time… The way to perceive things is very astounding… This is a very able request from a fan of yours…. Please teach what you know…. I know it’s tough…. But isn’t impossible… Have a couple or more youngsters sit with you, make them watch what you describe…. Make them analyse with clarity…. It may take a month, a year, a decade or what not…. But please do…. For a reviewer is what shapes the mentality of the audience and it finally is what changes cinema…. Please take this into consideration….

Surf 2008 says:

Kadaisila br ayum subscribe dialogue pesavechutengale da


Oh BR You Be The Best Man !

LEMON & GINGER CITRUS &Zingiber says:

review oda vaikarthuku odatha uyirthuva thamsha thamsha

n g says:

Super review bro

akash ve says:

prabhudeva ghost nu y revealing?

P V says:

your reviewing style is excellent

dinesh babu jothimani says:

Finally in Tamil from rangan

Mohammed Yaseen says:

Could have been without spoilers, but somehow you missed it by saying one.

Ananda Krishnan says:

Please consider uploading two versions, one in English and other in Tamil!. #AskBR

praneeth bharadwaj says:

Hey BR.. This is Praneeth from Hyderabad.. Why have you discontinued AskBR edition?? What happened about the discussion you have started about old films (flashback.. You discussed about Apoorva Sagothargal) please don’t discontinue these!!!


Super review

Kheerthighiri A says:

Valaipalam vazhukki valibar uyir ooshal..

robertstalin25 says:

Best tamil review among tamil reviewers…

Times Might says:

Sir they are spoonfooding the message because that’s wht they are paid to do . Literally they have produced the movie because karthik has agreed to show the signs and push their agenda .

They – ILLUMINATI bastards .

Karthik must not have been interested with the scenes but that’s what he should do to get the movie made.

anushaworks says:

2:47 I wonder if this is a mistake – 3.5 out of 4? Shouldn’t it be 5 stars there?

Mary Felix says:

he is tje best film critic in India … respect

James Delaney says:

It’s an request to FC SOUTH TEAM to upload caption In all videos ,so as to appeal to all viewers throughout India.

Umadevi Chennichetty says:

I am big fan of you sir. keep rocking

LEMON & GINGER CITRUS &Zingiber says:

vfx – today even lot of film mock at the business of vfx can bring even donkey to dance when they said about that amazing

vfx superhero stories are highly fool to accept this
thamsha look att vfx robo dance , and this film dance did donkey to made to dance that what vfx business power amazing thamsha thamsha

LEMON & GINGER CITRUS &Zingiber says:

y he fail in dance to lift it is silent movie visual impactis not tht level in dance


During my schooling times I used to see Sir Review alone in Metroplus and Now I feel happy to see Sir clean and clear cut review

Bhaskar V says:

Is just a ‘coincidence’ that BR doing this dapper quicky review in Tamil, wearing a Neela Sattai (Blue Shirt)….?

shankar M says:

Sir.. I like the way you present the Review.. I don’t see much of any promotion for this movie except Director’s Interview(i’m out of Town, Maybe that s the reason i didn’t see it).. So Honestly the Film Release didn’t create any Expectation in me. Lets see if i get a chance to watch the Movie..

Anish Kanna says:

Brilliant reviewer

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