Morgan Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Kate Mara, Rose Leslie Thriller HD

Morgan Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Kate Mara, Rose Leslie Thriller HD
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A corporate risk-management consultant has to decide and determine whether or not to terminate an artificial being’s life that was made in a laboratory environment.

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monkeyboy8me says:

Bite off of from Hanna

kent ross says:

she is such a good.girl

GSynCH says:

reminds me of morgan freeman

Ingram Alastrine says:

Honestly, I was cheering up for Morgan all the time, even though I knew all the time she’s not that innocent as she wants to seem… Those all those human freaks deserved their punishment from her hands- that’s what happens, when You put a sentient being in a lab, like a rabbit hoping that she wouldn’t turn against You… To be honest, I was just kinda upset for Dr. Grieff, since she actually wastn’t doing anything wrong, but to be honest, all of Morgan’s killings were forced by some (even slight) impulse… The woman that was like a mother for her, shortly before trying to put her up, emotionlessly claimed that she never was Morgan’s mother… To be really honest, even some bad thoughts (not necessary actions) could’ve caused her negative reaction (I know what I’m talking about). Only Rose Leslie’s chatracter was really faithful to the girl, and not necessery to the end (when the main character is just choaking Morgan underwater, she stands on a side, doing nothing like if she doesn’t care at all)- all of them actually really deserved to share her fate (maby except of Kathy and Morgan herself…)

SunDance00 says:

Why do i believe this is what´s happening (in real life) in Area 51? And the government want you to believe it´s some alien bullshit to keep you skeptical and deluded. Just sayin

Slenderfoxx37 says:

It was ok…the deaths were kind of meh and she killed them for know reason I felt especially Kathy or was it Kate….she didn’t even think about killing her…and why the sudden switch to murder everyone…eh I thought it would be better tbh but I still enjoyed it.

Jonathan Warrdddedcxddeececldron says:

Hard to be scared of a cute little girl . And how much damage could she cause ? Or does she have super powers or something ?

Abram Porras says:

besides all these dumbass Morgan Freeman jokes is this movie worth it ?

SpartASMR says:

The most impressive thing is that no human made that trailer. The trailer have been made entirely by a real A.I.

meekcaesar says:


TheGamerPandA says:

Thiws movie was actually good til about Giamattis part then it turned into an abysmal turd with unlikeable characters and unlogical choices. I havent seen a movie in a long time go from beign so decent and itneresting to an absolute turd as it did. And for no apparent reason there are 3 martial arts specialists in the movie lol.

James k says:

Stop watching at 0:17 if you want to go in fresh like I did. Good movie imo. Im glad I watched the rest of the trailer after

Revolutionz1500x says:

Bad movie

Buffy Browncoat says:

So Hanna crossed with Spliced with Species thrown in for good measure???
I’ll wait until this is on HBO or something. UGH.
Looking for something in Redbox and getting desperate… this looked good until I saw the trailer… not even with my free rental. But It could be great.. who knows. If I see it on HBO, I’ll make an edit on here and correct myself! LOL!

khail chain says:


Wolfgang Von Blitzkrieg says:

I love this film! Kate Mara is super-hot!

joeysn7hvn says:

Anya Taylor-Joy from The Witch, Good movie ..Ridley Scott of Bladerunner etc. etc. Wasn’t this the mentioned prequel of Bladerunner ? Where we see robotics or synthetic repro folk ??

James Luhr says:

great movie except she
isn’t being provoked by
someone after playing baseball

Gordon Bennett says:

In the new Chinese owned Hollywood I suppose we’ll have to get used to seeing second rate Chinese actors given eminent roles to play.

Cesar C says:

The Ring(Samara Morgan) and ExMachina…I see what you did there

value chasr says:

scenes in this trailer are missing from the film – this trailer shows a supernatural Morgan, Film is a Super Soldier Morgan – Highly dissapointing change in direction.

Barry Airdrie says:

The funniest scene is when she says “I am apples and oranges”.

hks571 says:

fear. pc game

Adrian Mustica says:

it’s been done soooooo many times

busywl69 says:

great movie

CvDanielZZZ says:

narcos cop kid ? that adopted little girl :))))

Freshtex Blackman says:

Morgan needs the D!

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