Mysteries & Thrillers 11 Great Movies Where the Audience is a Detective Too

My 11 mystery/thriller detective movies mini-review & recommendations.
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Don’t you just love it when you’re watching a mystery movie where you become deeply engrossed in every scene. So much so that you the viewer feels compelled to figure out what exactly is going on? Well this is where I thought I’d hunt down all the films that made me think – all those movies that take full advantage of the “detective experience”.

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Shane Black’s comedy crime mystery – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Stars Robert Downey Jr. Playing Harry Lockhart. A petty thief turned accidental actor who finds himself taking private eye lessons from Val Kilmer character- Detective Gay Perry. During his first lesson Harry and Gay come across a dead girl who is coincidentally linked to Harrys childhood sweetheart Harmony –

Mystic River directed by Clint Eastwood Follows Three working class men, forever bound together by a mutual childhood tragedy that overshadowed their lives. Sean Penn is great in his portrayal of Jimmy Markum. A character in one respect; a worried father, and in another – a cold-blooded man with very few things to like about him…

Charade the mystery romance comedy, directed by Stanley Donen, follows Regina Lampert- Who after returning from her skiing holiday, is informed that her husband has been murdered. The film Stars the classiest of actors in both Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant.

The innovative film shot out of sequence, Christopher Nolans Mystery Thriller Memento – The plot revolves around Lenny, a man with no short term memory who tries to solve the murder of his wife.
In this movie Guy Pearce’s character takes snapshots to help him remember everyday things like who his friends are, what car he drives, where he lives and so on.

The Big Lebowski The Coen Brothers Comedy Crime Mystery. Where “The Dude” Lebowski, accidentally mistaken for a millionaire Lebowski has gangsters pee on his rug. While better known as a comedy… this film is also a satisfying detective story that does leave you guessing.

The modern masterpiece of atmosphere and suspense- Prisoners directed by Denis Villeneuve’s, Prisoners . The movie follows Keller Dover who takes the law into his own hands as he’s on the hunt for his daughter and her friend.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Thriller.. Rear Window.. follows L.B a wheelchair-bound photographer who spies on his neighbours from his apartment window and becomes thoroughly convinced… one of them has committed murder.
Jimmy Stewart is great as LB Jefferies , while at the same time having doubts about marring his girlfriend Lisa, played by Grace Kelly.

Bryan Singer’s Crime Mystery The Usual Suspects is a film set in the aftermath of a ship fire that totally burns the cargo and crew. This is one of Kevin Spacey’s best performances as verbal the scared, disabled con-man. Gabriel Byrne is convincing as the ex-con trying to build a new life, and the rest of the cast is topnotch.

Jonathan Demme’s Crime Thriller The Silence of the Lambs Is the story of Jodie Foster as the FBI trainee Clarice Starling, who is summoned to help find the serial killer `Buffalo Bill.’ by getting help

Based on a series of real murders in Korea Joon-ho Bong’s True Crime Drama – Memories of Murder.
Set in a small Korean province in the 1980’s, three detectives struggle with the case of multiple young women being found raped and murdered by an unknown culprit.

David Finchers dark Crime Drama Seven… Two detectives, Mills a rookie and Somerset a veteran close to retirement are on the hunt for a serial killer who’s calling card is the seven deadly sins. Both


Robert Brown says:

Yes yes i do like being armchair beered detective

Yusuf Hidayat says:

Kiss kiss bang bang.
Mystic river.
The big lebowski.
Rear window.
Usual suspects.
Memories of a murderer.

Sadiqur Rahman says:

Thanks for mentioning ‘Memories of Murder’ on the list 😀

goblinb says:

I feel like Thrillers should get their own video, as I feel they are different than detective dramas. I think of movies like Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct, Wait Until Dark, Pacific Heights, and a more recent one that I really liked; Hush.

kiemer says:

Great video. Lady in the Lake(1946) should definitely be added to this list. Shot almost exclusively in the first person making you literally the detective.

Andy Belcher says:

Was pleasantly surprised to see “Memories of Murder” on this list, great film!!

Lydia Ross says:

what about gone girl?

Kanapka Z Pasztetem says:

even though “True Detective” its not a move I think it would be nice to mention it – season 1 ofc because second was much worse


I enjoyed you video, but here are a few of the older and in my opinion better films, that didn’t make the list … Point Blank 1967 (Lee Marvin,) Chinatown 1974, Touch of Evil 1958, The Long Goodbye 1973, North by Northwest 1959, The Third Man 1949, Sunset Boulevard 1950.

znoj says:

High and Low by Kurosawa

george eskiadis says:

The Big Lebowski isnt a mystery. Rather a critique on modern America.

Iggsy81 says:

phew, for a while there i thought you werent going to have anything korean, which would be a crime in itself!

Hasan Hefas says:

murder by numbers the bone collector perfect murder are also too movie’s

Gabriel Bouchard-Gaudreau says:

Your lists are so on point! Love how you manage to avoid spoilers and your editing is great!
I have so much movies left to watch!

Aditya Jangid says:

You missed zodiac

Azrael Jones says:

Too bad you didn’t mention Gone Baby Gone.

jayakrishnan r says:

How is The Big Lebowski even a mystery film? The Secret in their eyes should have been placed instead. L. A confidential is also terrific, not to mention Brick (2005) starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Raj Bhusal says:

Primal fear anyone?

Toribio Hechanova says:

FINALLY a channel with good movie recommendations!

shiv shakya says:

i like your channel buddy ,,, no repetition .. something beyond watchmojo and richest
keep it up 🙂

John Paul Sylvester says:

Typo at 5:18. You’re welcome.

Tijl Vandersteene says:

What about Angel Heart?

Manoj S says:

Memento was later copied as ” Gajini” bollywood copycats…

Robin Stevens says:

Nope. The only interesting films from this list are Memento and Rear Window. I’m missing a lot of other movies.

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