Netflix’s Mute Review

Here’s what we thought of Warcraft director Duncan Jones’ action-thriller for Netflix.

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TicketAirline says:

This guy want another copy of movies he is used to. This movie is different. So do your self a favor, forget this review and watch the movie.

Setther says:

I actually enjoyed it. I thought there was enough interesting things to keep me invested. He just didn’t take time on those things

Thinh Vo says:

It really hard for me to figure what going half of the time. I dont even know why the nikki guys was important or why Paul Rudd kill his wife. I have to look it up.

Caleb Mitchell says:

Well hard attract gbixln early hip second permit.

Haroun Siladjan says:

Mediocre??? You are too kind

No:1 Rory says:

Really good points here

Usman Ajmal says:

Can anyone recommend me more movies like blade runner 2049 and mute,I really enjoyed these movies. thanks

True Gooner says:

It was nothing… boring and uninteresting in long stretches… Paul Rudd was just funny Paul Rudd, so it was hard to take him seriously as a “tough guy”… bad casting, he’s too likable.
Spoilers: Rudd kills the woman and yet no context… this is noir, technically, it’s dark and cynical… but it’s bland, it was so weird in the end when it’s dedicated to parenthood… like what? I just think the director was in a bad space, his dad died and nanny and he made a pretty nothing movie giving it greater value in his own mind… but wow really nothing here.

A. Houston says:

Amish? Able to fight really well? Perhaps he used to live in Banshee?

Tentacular says:

Thanks for this review. I liked Moon and wanted to give this movie a try, but it looked so boring I stopped watching after a few minutes. Glad I’m not missing anything.

Adrián Guth says:

what? the movie is really good.

Jack Dunn says:

I tried watching this last night. It was so bad I couldn’t get through the first 30 minutes. It was probably the worst movie I’ve seen in a really long time like a decade. 1/10.

Ryan Dees says:

I found it to be a really powerful movie

bloodylordQC says:

Warcraft Director … im out

jose m says:

I thought I was a fun movie to watch but I can see why people thought it was bland

Brandon LeeTreverton says:

the best part about it was the moon reference with all the same bells in court.

Kyle Mair says:

I enjoyed Mute, It has a quick tie in to Duncan Jones Moon as well which is cool. A little slow burn but the murder mystery aspect had me watching and I was satisfied in the end. Now that Leon got a voice box I’d be interested to see how they can expand this Moon/Mute universe.

Chaos Breakfast says:

I thought that entire pedo subplot was useless. About 45 minutes of this movie were irrelevant to the story.

AAA Gayminglootboxluvingmicrotranscasual says:

It’s crap but it’s still better than anything IGN put out.

Stefano Padilla says:

It’s a 6/10. It’s more heartfelt and character driven than reliant on it’s sci fi surroundings.

LEO UR says:

So I saw it and spoke with Duncan Jones who directed and wrote the movie, I asked what year did the movie takes place and he said I don’t know sometime in the future. It seems like a rough draft more than a finished product.

No:1 Rory says:

Paul Rudd saved this movie

Josh Winter says:

5.5 is really generous.

aaron corsi says:

5.5? holy are u insane. That movie was garbage. I watched the entire thing and after I wish I didn’t. Paul Rudd was good.


I watched Mute prior to reading any reviews because I’m a fan of Duncan Jones and I thought it was good. Not great but good as a future noir. The best thing about this movie might just be Paul Rudd’s performance…WOW. His character stole the movie for me he was amazing. I would say that alone is enough reason to check it out.

Clarence Dass says:

I kind of liked it. I got bored of Altered Carbon, but stuck through this one.

Granted it is a movie and not a whole show, but still, it’s interesting. Reminded me a little of Drive. The movie just… unfolds.

Marko Kos says:

So Im the only one who love this movie.Dont care about bad reviews !.I love this movie !.

denius1704 says:

IGN your problem was watching the movie as a Sci-Fi first with a story within it, but it’s a story with a sci-fi backdrop. IMO if the movie wasn’t set in a sci-fi world, but was instead just set in our time, it would have been much better in its attempt to tell that particular story, but then again it wouldn’t have attracted me and other fans of the genre so overall i’d say it was a good movie, you just mustn’t judge it based on its setting.

Imhotep397 says:

Netflix should have just bought the rights to Almost Human from Fox…

Organicbadboy X says:

I don’t get all the critisim. I personally thought this movie was greay

Maxime Fraisier says:

Just saw the movie and its so BAD its crazy, its honestly one of the worst movie I’ve ever watched…

Jeez it didn’t make any sense, and lets not talk about how the pedo scene was handled, I have no word of how bad it was…

SergeTheBlerge says:

Very cool LOOKING film, but story was really confusing and I had no idea what was really going on, thus it was really hard to relate or even care about what goes on. Paul Rudd had an interesting performance and was fairly entertaining at times. Still, every side plot felt out of place and too random. Way too long at 2 hours if you don’t have a compelling or even cohesive story.

harry dixson says:

I liked it would go 7/10

Bob Chillison says:

I really didn’t like this film it was really boring and felt like a ripoff of Blade Runner
Only good parts were Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux performance
But the film was just really boring and really dumb

Slack says:

it was a mess

Martin Lenbicz says:

Love Mute

Benjamin Hubble says:

Don’t say hights like altered carbon. Altered carbon is trash I’m sorry.

Skyla 2000 says:

I quite liked this movie, it’s quite hard to get into it but the last 30 minutes I definitely recommend. Best part hands down was seeing an evil Paul Rudd and honestly ( SPOILER ALERT!!!!) I am not screamish but there is a proper brutal moment with him. Might be because I have never seen Paul Rudd in a scene like that before but definitely hope he plays more baddies in the future 😀

NoJaYorK says:

Great flick!

Lucas V. says:

Netflix movies arent really as good as some of their series, almost all of their movies feels like those direct to dvd b movies.

sexy korean girl says:

a movie u dont have to know english to enjoy!

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