NO ESCAPE ROOM Official Trailer (2018) Thriller Movie HD

NO ESCAPE ROOM Official Trailer (2018) Thriller Movie HD
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The Proxinian says:

It’s going to be soo bad.

It has every single horror trope is included in this bitch.

1. broken down car in the middle of a drive
2. house in the middle of nowhere
3. dumbass who asks what a clue looks like
4. “experiment”
5. blatantly obvious and cheap jumpscare about to happen
6. main character who has a haughty personality but becomes humble at the end of the movie as everyone dies
7. character who freaks out and ends up dying first making every shook


Super thriller

M Doggie says:

If I see this in the movie theater it will feel like a escape room

Ricardo Niño says:

Red hair girl looks like a plastic doll…

av3maria says:


Boyd Crowder says:

Looks like it might be all right.

Neha Tandon says:

If you liked this trailer, watch “Then there were none”. Way more decent and less clichéd.

Mirwan Iwan says:


زوجة جوجو says:

اكو جزء ثاني او لا

MentalMickey says:

good for the first half, then loses it way in unclear nonsense.

Brian Mulholland says:

Looks decent

Francesco Ramicani says:

and all it’s begin with the home in the wood 😀 I will enjoy that movie using now Boxxy Software, free streaming service.

Jimmy Bogan says:

Made no sense at all

Wonder Z says:

Looks creepy! Definitely will watch it with boxxy software


This is on sci fi channel

aleksandar sejic says:

odlican…obavezno pogledati!!!

andrew carson says:


Mohd. Syahrold says:

ANdrew and Karen’s dad are fucking ….poor karen had to watch her dad have fun with other dude in deadly situations

Prashant Gayki says:

a perfect thrilling game within a room

Chris H says:

I must hear the end of that joke. What happens to the 2 guys in the bar, do they escape?

BaknPancakes says:

Just watched this on the Syfy channel and it was confusing af and not all that great tbh

Sarah DuBal says:

Just watched this movie, and I was kept in suspense. It was a bit confusing, but I enjoyed it! Definitely creepy. I was pleasantly surprised.

PDaddy says:

Looks terrible

dawn r says:

I watched this on SyFy. I liked it but, geez, Syfy channel, way to kill the tension with all the commercials. Completely changed my viewing experience. Boo.

Máté Lázár says:

This is the Continue from the Escape Room!!!

Marina Miw says:

im here just to look at mark ghanimé thats all

DecoyDamsel says:

Who is this dollar store Zach Braff??

john smith says:

good trailer but I will pass

SxG Infinity says:

Well I’m never doing an escape room now….

Akmal 'Arif says:

escape room , again

Nasi Rambutan says:

Confuse movie bad acting and nub director

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