Proxy (2013) movie review thriller horror drama

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My review for Proxy. I wanted to get this movie in before the end of the year because I had seen it on some best of lists.

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Dead Tide Hero says:

Review Serbian film

ScienceWinsEveryTime says:

What I really liked about this film was the strength of the visual storytelling. Character roles and intentions are not telegraphed to the audience via stilted dialogue but are revealed only through their actions. I like to think of the film as a mystery, but instead of discovering the culprit of a crime, you’re discovering the various damaged psyches of the protagonists.

David Koenig says:

Yeah, the film has been talked about a bunch…I’m still going to check it out eventually ’cause I kinda want to see for myself…who knows. Just saw Come Back to Me and it just blew my mind…There are many good recent films, we just have to find them…

Leah R says:

I liked the plot. Could have been a great movie with good actors and a proper director.

Zee Risek says:

I didn’t have a problem with the acting. I just didn’t understand the movie at all. Maybe that’s my fault, maybe it’s the film’s fault, but I was confused by this film. What did the jail bird find in the bathroom at the end? What was the husband keeping locked in that basement door? Why was the wife going to the group meetings for? Why did she pretend her kid was kidnapped in the mall? Too many questions, too few answers.

Abdulmannan Khan says:

This movie left me a little confused, so I came here for…some insight? I think you’re right and any confusion left is probably due to “plot holes” and unimaginable craziness. Good movie though, certainly kept my interest.

O.CRZ says:

Hey man you should check out “the houses October built” i would love to hear your review

TheSuiciety says:

Horror genre is going downhilĺ in quality if thats possible.

puffaroo says:

I’d love to see you review The Houses October Built and Housebound

Insanity Gaming says:

Good review

super sayian says:

Im really starting to grow on this channel, you give some great reviews on so many horror movies and are ambitious to go on and review older movies as well. Keep up the good work brother hope this channel keeps growing !

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